WNAMM10: ILIO And Ocean Way Drums Make Deal

ILIO get exclusive rights to distribute Ocean Way Drums products worldwide      22/01/10

WNAMM10: ILIO And Ocean Way Drums Make Deal

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Ocean Way Recording and ILIO have entered into an agreement giving ILIO exclusive rights to distribute Ocean Way Drums products worldwide. Here's all the details from the press release:
Ocean Way Drums is a series of virtual instruments powered by Native Instruments' Kontakt engine that has already won a number of awards from the press. It features drum kit sounds recorded at the studio that bears its name by famed engineers/producers Allen Sides and Steven Miller. The series was produced in cooperation with Sonic Reality. Ocean Way Drums is available in four configurations depending on needs and budget: OWD Platinum HD contains 19 kits, each with multiple variations provided at 96 kHz and 48 kHz. The Platinum HD edition is shipped on hard disk with an MSRP of $1,995. The Gold edition mirrors the Platinum HD collection, excluding the 96 kHz samples, and ships on six DVDs for $995. The Silver edition features nine kits at 48 kHz on four DVDs for $499, and the most recent DL edition offers five 48 kHz kits on two DVDs for $249. All samples are 24 bit.
"We're extremely honored to be working with Allen Sides and Steven Miller in presenting their work to musicians," says ILIO's Mark Hiskey. "When I first heard Ocean Way Drums, the sound lit up the atmosphere in my studio and I knew instantly that our customers, who demand nothing but the highest caliber products from us, would be thrilled with this collection."
Ocean Way's Allen Sides remarks, "Steven Miller and I have admired ILIO's honest and sophisticated approach to software distribution for some time now. It's obvious to me that they value the kind of no-compromise products we produce, so we're very eager to start this relationship with them." Hollywood's famed Ocean Way houses some of the most highly prized large live rooms ever built. Constructed in 1958, the studios have given birth to an astonishing number of classic and current hit records that have sold in excess of a billion copies worldwide.
ILIO was established in 1994 and is a leading distributor of virtual instruments, sample libraries and creative tools for professional musicians. Pricing and Availability:
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