WNAMM10: You-Rock Digital Guitar With MIDI

MIDI controller and sound source and game controller      22/01/10

No flash plug

5:58 mins

Not that I spent a lot of time hanging around by the Arena cafeteria, but when I did, I couldnt help but notice this interesting multi-discipline digital guitar from You-Rock.

Featuring USB, MIDI, Audio and game connectivity, its can hook up to pretty much anything. Somewhat simillar to the Yamaha EZAG guitar, but with a touch sensitive fretboard instead of buttons (which the Yamaha uses).

Check it out.

Expected to be $199 Retail



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tb2    Said...

a bridge component. finally something that links the world of fantasy with reality. maybe now RB players can jump into a real band.

22-Jan-10 01:40 PM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Nice idea for my boys, but it's soooo ugly! Would be great if various "traditional" designs were available.

22-Jan-10 11:19 PM

You Rocker    Said...

Blue Monster - we will have multiple styles including wooden versions, but they will be a little more $ - suggestions?

23-Jan-10 11:01 AM

Argonic    Said...

Very nice indeed!!!!! I'm a buyer!!!

24-Jan-10 10:53 AM

Spoony G    Said...

I think this is a great idea. Well done!

24-Jan-10 05:27 PM

Three strings is enough    Said...

Yeah, finally an instrument besides CD -player a DJ can play...

Please could somebody invent "the rock mode which excludes the wrong notes" for us old fashioned bass players who still use real strings in our instruments...

25-Jan-10 10:26 AM

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