iConnectMIDI Turns Your iPhone Into A Hardware Synth Controller

Promises To Open Up A World Of Opportunities      08/02/10

iConnectMIDI Turns Your iPhone Into A Hardware Synth Controller

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iConnectivity has announced iConnectMIDI - a hardware interface between your iPhone and MIDI musical instruments.


  • Standard MIDI (5-pin DIN): 2 x MIDI-IN, 2 x MIDI-OUT
  • USB-MIDI: 1x Type-A connector to USB-MIDI device
  • USB: 1 x mini-USB connector to computer
  • RJ-50 connector to iPhone/iPod Touch (cable included)
  • (MIDI and USB cables not included)
  • Power, Error, MIDI1 IN, MIDI1 OUT, MIDI2 IN, MIDI2 OUT, USB
  • External power supply or USB bus power supply

iConnectivity plans to release a basic app with iConnectMIDI that demonstrates the devices' capabilities. But they say that the "utility of the connection will be fully realized as developers catch the vision and find new ways to push the creative boundaries of musicians.

“Part of the iPhone’s genius is its ability to translate motion, location and space into signals the processor can translate into useful information that applications can leverage," says iConnectMIDI's Demetrio Navarro. "If you think about it, playing a musical instrument is nothing more than moving the instrument in space and time. Once we had that eureka moment, we realized by connecting the iPhone with MIDI instruments would open a whole new world of creative opportunities.”

No pricing or release date has been announced.

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