New Soundset For Massive

Jewel Audio Circle Features 200 Sounds      11/02/10

New Soundset For Massive

Buying Choices

Jewel Audio Circle is a new soundset for Native Instruments Massive.

According to Jewel Audio:

Programmed by Richard Lichten (aka C.Knapp) and "inspired" by the variety and playability of hardware synth presets, Circle offers 200 expressive and innovative sounds useable for all genres.

From electric arpeggios to deep basses to "electronic" choirs, from club & classical leads to movie-like effect sounds, from complete morphing ambient soundscapes to "real" guitars, Circle truly uses Massive .... massively !

You can preview Circle below.

Pricing and Availability

Circle is available now for $25/$39 after March 10th. A free version is available with 35 presets.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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