Use An iPhone As A Wireless MIDI Controller

Saitara AP-7 Gives You 99 Banks Of 8 Programmable Pads      11/02/10

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Saitara has released a new app, AP-7, that turns an iPhone or iPod touch into a programmable wireless MIDI controller.

The AP-7 Midi Pad Controller can be used as a velocity sensitive drum controller, but it has many other applications too.

Here's how it works:

  • AP-7 broadcasts MIDI messages over a WiFi network
  • These are received by a host computer running the free open source DSMI Server.
  • DSMI routes the signal to Logic, Ableton, Sonar or other MIDI-enabled software.

Note that AP-7 does not produce sound on the iPhone, but is used to wirelessly control music software on a computer.


  • 99 user banks of 8 pads = 792 pad memory
  • In play mode, the 8 pads are fully multitouch and velocity is set by the touch location - the bottom of the pad gives the strongest signal.
  • In edit mode, each pad can be configured to play up to 4 notes. The pad's midi channel is also individually assigned.
  • Each pad can be either momentary (for short stabs) or latched (for long chords)
  • A copy/paste function in edit mode allows easier setting of similar pads.


James Lewin
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