From Now On, M-Audio Is Avid

M-Audio Going The Way Of Digidesign      18/02/10
From Now On, M-Audio Is Avid

Avid has announced that it's absorbing the M-Audio brand.

From now on, M-Audio products are Avid products:

Earlier this year, Avid joined all of its world-class divisions together, including M-Audio, as a unified Avid. This proven team creates the technology used to make the most listened to, most watched, and most loved media in the world. With a full range of video editing, audio production, music creation, notation, and live sound expertise all under one roof, Avid is stronger and more agile than ever, working as one to provide you with the most powerful, elegant, and comprehensive solutions for media creation.

Moving Forward: M-Audio is Avid

You’ve likely already started seeing the Avid logo in M-Audio ads, on the website, in videos, and more. As part of the next steps in our transformation, you'll continue to see the Avid brand more prominently in M-Audio products. We also have some exciting updates in store for 2010, including a brand new newsletter, expanded online support resources, and integration with a new, expanded Avid website.


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hyfajm    Said...

The first nail in the coffin for entry level ProTools users? I'm glad I got my M-Audio Transit ($80) before Digidesign's (read Avid's) Micro ($275, fewer features) becomes the only option. Maybe time to start digging ourselves out of the prison of proprietary technologies (ProTools and its limited hardware options, and its limited plugin options).

19-Feb-10 08:03 AM

Adam    Said...

Typical. AVID is dying. They have no idea why so many people are ditching their Avid systems for Final Cut Pro, and even issued an apology a day late and a dollar short. I hope they get bought out by an even worse group of businessmen who's foibles finally steal the last breath. The only reason people still use pro tools is because it became the standard if you wanted DSP assisted low-latency tools. PT still makes sense for a big studio, but for how long? P.S. Pro Tools LE hardware sounds like crap.

19-Feb-10 10:10 AM

Marty    Said...

^ what they said

..and the logo is so 80's :P

20-Feb-10 12:33 AM

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