The Fauxharmonic Orchestra Wants To Record Your Music

Like A Real Orchestra - But Fake      05/03/10

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Ever wondered what your music would sound like played by an orchestra?

The Fauxharmonic Orchestra wants to offer you the next best thing - to have your music recorded by a virtual orchestra:

You send us your score in most any format, and we produce a musically nuanced, technically accurate recording. You can decide what sort of acoustic space you’d like your recording to be made in. You can also tell us how much reverberation, where the instruments should appear to be located on the virtual stage, and so forth. Or you can trust our judgment. You can be as involved as you want to be.

How good can a virtual orchestra sound these days?

Check out the video above. It captures Paul Henry Smith conducting The Fauxharmonic Orchestra in a performance of the Scherzo from Beethoven's 2nd Symphony live at Brandeis University.

The Fauxharmonic Orchestra isn't going to fool trained ears.

Nevertheless, it's not hard to imagine using virtual orchestra performances in situations where using a real orchestra could be cost-prohibitive. They also suggest the technology for augmenting traditional recordings to expand the apparent size of arrangements.

Give the demo video a listen and leave a comment with your thoughts!


The Fauxharmonic Orchestra estimates work based on score and requirements.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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