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The Future Of Guitar Synths?      16/03/10

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This video captures the Misa Digital Guitar in action.

The Misa Digital Guitar is based on Linux and outputs MIDI - meaning that it can connect to thousands of synths and samplers.

It feature a iPhone-style touchscreen that can be used for many purposes, as the video demonstrates.

According to Misa Digital:

Guitars by their very nature have limitations. To create sound you need to hit a string, so that the sound at its most intense point is always the beginning of the pluck. The left hand controls what notes to play, and the right hand controls when to play these notes and the intensity of the notes.

Electronic music cannot be played effectively with such constraints.

In electronic music, the timbre (or colour) of the sound can be morphed in an infinite number of ways. For a guitar to accommodate this, the right hand needs more control than just plucking strings. You need to be able to control elements of the sound, such as sustain, pitch, filter cutoffs, contour or any other synthesizer parameter, in a way that has no physical constraints.

Check out the Misa Digital Guitar demo and leave a comment with your thoughts.


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