MESSE10: Korg Monotron Teeny Pocket Synth

Its like a synth Stylophone      27/03/10

No flash plug

3:44 mins

The Korg MonoTron is possibly the product of the show, unless of course you are an avid believer of all the hype from everyone else's press releases. Thats kind of strange as what we are looking at here is a tiny, monophonic, stupidly simple synth - one oscillator, one LFO and a resonant filter with a touch-style keyboard.

Priced at under fifty quid, its also stupidly cheap.

Watch the video.




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flux302    Said...

would be cool if it were under $45 usd. but i would say more likely it's price should've been closer to maybe $30....

27-Mar-10 04:58 PM

teenymonsta    Said...

I'll take 4 of theese. I'm going to have some sonicjamfun with my family and friends. Parallel and serial. I'm also looking forward to what my 2 years old daughter will come up with on this one. Nice! And who knows what Korg will come up with after this little teaser....?

28-Mar-10 06:48 AM

Instantsoundexplosion    Said...

Korg Monotron + Moog Midimurf..?

28-Mar-10 07:50 AM

mysticradio    Said...

is this an April Fools joke? THIS is about as usesless as lint..... and sounds like electro-flatuence..........c'mon KORG INNOVATE...... quit making junk

28-Mar-10 02:02 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I'm sorry to say that there are far better apps out there in the iPhone App Store and only cost a few bucks. I agree with mysticradio on this one.

28-Mar-10 09:03 PM

Guy    Said...

How long before this "electro-flatuence" synth becomes as beloved as the SH-101, the TB-303, and the Stylophone? Today's sh** is tomorrow's coveted synth.

Does this mean Korg will be doing a bigger analog synth soon?

28-Mar-10 09:35 PM

Guy    Said...

It should also be noted that the external in and mod-ability make this a bit better than the cruddy ribbon controller suggests

28-Mar-10 09:38 PM

tb2    Said...

$30 i would consider it. but nothing more for this toy.

28-Mar-10 09:49 PM

GAEG    Said...

I gotta agree with Guy, shit in paper, but I bet this little beast sounds better than many iPhone apps and even dare saying some VSTs. True analogue filter... enough said!

Think of it like the Little Phatty. Why pay $1200 USD for a brand new MONO synth, when you could get a full fledged workstation M50 for even 200 less??

I´ll tell you why, it sounds good.

It also reminds me of the stylophone, simple, shitty, yet inspiring!

29-Mar-10 12:50 AM

CrazyDriver    Said...


Hello, my name is Boris #$!? I working for... Korg


29-Mar-10 10:24 AM

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