New VA Synth For Windows

TubeOhm release Bruno-205 and Bruno-205 Rack      19/05/10
New VA Synth For Windows

Here's what TubeOhm have to say about Bruno in their own words...
Old scool look with modern features like TUBE DISTORTION and HARD CLIPPING.
Phatt great analouge sound, a fun machine.
Bruno-205 comes with 1761x615 pixel screen solution for full HD .
BRUNO-205 Rack is a smaller version with the same sound and engine !
You will have a lot of fun with it.
It looks and feel like a real synthesizer.
BRUNO-205/Rack features
  • 1. Super wave oscillator synthesis
  • 2. LFO for pitch modulation
  • 3. Arpeggiator
  • 4. Filter 12 / 24 dB /envelope /VCA
  • 5. Delay
  • 6. 3 stage chorus
  • 7. Hard clipping and tube distortion
  • 8. LFO for filter and oscillator modulation
  • 9. BRUNO-205 with great GUI for a HD monitor and BRUNO-205 Rack - normal size
  • 10. For one price you get both, BRUNO-205 an BRUNO-205 RACK

Pricing and Availability:
39€ More information:


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eXode    Said...

Sorry but this is software emulating hardware at it's extreme. Why the f**k do we need a "RACK" version of software? And even so the "RACK" version still has a keyboard, it's so stupid I don't even know where to begin. :|

19-May-10 08:11 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Err - what about for those cases where you need more screen space for other stuff? And a keyboard is quite handy sometimes when you don't have your keyboard nearby when editing, although it would be nice if you could switch off the keyboard to get an even smaller view. Having said all that, I suppose that the 'Rack' mode should just have been called 'Compact' or so.

19-May-10 09:14 AM

eXode    Said...

You missed my point. I think it's useless to have designs on a computer that try to follow hardware this much. Funny thing is that the 'RACK' interface is the best of the two imho, the keyboard interface just wastes space but you don't really get better detail or operation or anything. When I think about it, the UI is just poorly done and look way to busy. And that touches on my original point. We are working on computers for pete's sake why not make better use of the interace?

Daedalus is one example of a decent GUI imho (even though it might need reduction in size).


20-May-10 02:09 AM

steve gilbert    Said...

not impressed with the demo, screaming leads [fake guitar] and weak bass and some hi up arp nonsense..once upon a time synths were used to make know interesting riffs, melodies and tunes...

24-May-10 03:28 PM

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