iPhone-Powered Music Laser

Now If They Could Just Mount It To A Frickin' Shark, They'd Be On To Something      20/05/10

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Just when it's starting to look the whole iPhone thing was just a fad, Samer Mohammed figures out how to hack a frickin' music laser onto it.

Mohammed has built an optical link that can be used to send audio using the laser beam from a cheap laser pointer.

“This project demonstrates the use of laser in optical communications," notes Mohammed.

"The project consists of a transmitter and receiver that will support a one-way communications link between two separate locations. It is mainly built from a few ICs, operational amplifiers and transistors. It is possible to transmit music, voice and data. The laser used in the transmitter is a simply a laser diode that it used in cheap laser pointers and at the receiver, the laser sensor is a photo-diode.”

See the link below for more details on the Mohammed's iPhone powered music laser hack.


James Lewin
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