Un-boxing: DSI Mopho Keyboard

Full review coming soon      15/06/10


Just arrived about an hour ago, the DSI Mopho Keyboard is here for review. Please post any questions below and we'll try and work the answers into the full review when it comes.





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ebm4life    Said...

are the envelopes as fast as say an sh-101 or pro one?

15-Jun-10 09:32 AM

Tour Electronique    Said...

With all the knobs and buttons on the front panel, can one comfortably do serious sound design in all its depth without hooking it up to a computer?

How fast can you build (on the fly) a 16 note bass sequence with one pitch and one filter control line?

15-Jun-10 10:12 AM

dorremifasol    Said...

I know the sound but I wonder about the quality of the keyboard, switches and knobs. Is it OK?

How does it respond to velocity and aftertouch?

Would it be nice as a controller for VSTIs and other sound modules?

15-Jun-10 10:17 AM

thejohn    Said...

Are you going to try and chain it with other DSI synths to test polyphonic attributes?

15-Jun-10 11:47 AM

KLi0    Said...

Can you record all the knob movements, button presses etc via MIDI ?

15-Jun-10 11:47 AM

Nasilje    Said...

Does the keyboard send polyphonic aftertouch ?

15-Jun-10 11:49 AM

Nick b    Said...

Answers that I know: Chaining - we don't have any other DSI units to hook uo to unfortunately Aftertouch- I will oceck - doubtful I would think

15-Jun-10 01:08 PM

Henri Sizaret    Said...

to Sonic State MC : do you pay for all the gear you get at Sonic State ??? ;)

15-Jun-10 02:26 PM

Rob P    Said...

if you poly-chain with a Tetra or two, do you need to look at the Tetras for anything? or do you just see the mopho keyboard as a five or nine voice synth?

it would be nice to be able to put a Tetra or two out of the way for less clutter if you don't actually need to see them

15-Jun-10 03:55 PM

steve gilbert    Said...

question...i see there's a lcd panel on the mopho keyboard so just 'how much' of the synth still relies on looking/editing on the parameter LCD screen compared to the hardware knobs and buttons..i'm thinking to compare to the Roland Gaia which has no lcd at all.

15-Jun-10 04:18 PM

steve gilbert    Said...

i'd like to see what your thoughts on the mopho keyboard's sound architecture compares to a waldorf blofeld, roland gaia and a korg microkorg XL.

just "where" do real analogue synths fit in 2010 compared to modeled analogue...is there a difference?

if so what is it!

15-Jun-10 04:20 PM

steve gilbert    Said...

now that you've tried both the teta and the mopho keyboard...which would "you" choose if you were on a tight budget and could only choose 1 or the other...1 had knobs but only is monophonic..the other lacks knobs but is multi-timbral!

15-Jun-10 04:27 PM

Vince    Said...

2 questions: I own a tetra and there's a lot of feature with the OSC settings that doesn't seems to appear on the MOPHO KB like the OSC SLOPE, SUB OSC, FBK Vol and FBK gain for example. Can you access those params from the front panel of the MOPHO KB?

When chaining a tetra to the MOPHO KB, can you take benefit from the multi/combo mode of the tetra or is the chaining only made to increase the polyphony? (I've been asking myself why the mopho KB was done instead of the Tetra Kb) Thanks

15-Jun-10 05:24 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for the great questions. Will do my best to answer them.

And we unfortunately no longer have the Tetra -coz the review units do go back, so there's no possibility of us testing the poly chain - sorry!

15-Jun-10 05:49 PM

SekondThought    Said...

I know that on the circuit boards, Dave has printed "Pro-One MK2". It's a shame it's not possible to hear it up against a Pro One to see how if it really does recapture the sound of that early 80's classic.

15-Jun-10 06:11 PM

Rob P    Said...

Anyone feel like lending Nick b a Tetra to try out the poly-chain features with the Mopho kb?

15-Jun-10 07:34 PM

James L    Said...

Nick - any support for alternate tunings?

15-Jun-10 11:44 PM

Jack    Said...

How does the sound compare to a moog little phatty, or anything on the moog line. Similar in price to little phatty right?

16-Jun-10 07:31 AM

Robbie Ryan (iloveanalogue.blogspot.com)    Said...

Let me quickly say that I am a proud Mopho module owner and I work neither for DSI or Sonicstate (but I love them both.) I'm very happy with my Mopho module, but if I didn't have one, the keyboard would be a serious contender, since it's a metal/wood build as opposed to plastic (which most synths in its price range are composed of.) The sound is different from a VA, since it's using analog curtis filter chips vs DSPs. I also find the sound to be comporable to a Little Phatty, but the oscillators are really tight and I really favour the sound of the curtis filter, especially for sweeps and stuff. The knob movements should be totally MIDI-able, as they are on the module. The Mopho is a great synth when put in a mix next to Romplers and VAs, as it has a "dirty" quality that cuts through the mix like butter. This will be a great synth for performing and recording musicians, no doubt!

16-Jun-10 09:05 AM

steve gilbert    Said...

if there's a tetra stockist near sonic state's HQ lend Nick a tetra to link up to the mopho keyboard...could help boost your sales of a bundle pak mopho keys+tetra......go on, be a devil!

16-Jun-10 12:58 PM

Christian    Said...

Can it make sine waves (I know it can do sawtooth, triangle, etc.)? I read that the original Mopho couldn't.

Sorry if this is a silly queation... I'm just starting with analog synths. :)

16-Jun-10 02:57 PM

Christian    Said...

Can it make sine waves (I know it can do sawtooth, triangle, etc.)? I read that the original Mopho couldn't.

Sorry if this is a silly queation... I'm just starting with analog synths. :)

16-Jun-10 02:58 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Please ask Dave Smith if he's going to do a TETRA KB as well and maybe put a Chorus and a Delay in it! ;-)

16-Jun-10 03:01 PM

Aaron Chase    Said...

Tell us more about the CV input/output.

16-Jun-10 08:38 PM

Aaron Chase    Said...

Please Tell us about the CV input/output. Thanx.

16-Jun-10 08:39 PM

keytarded    Said...

how much do the lfo.s alias at audio frequency? could they be used for AM synthesis, or as aditional oscillators?

16-Jun-10 09:59 PM

keytarded    Said...

how much do the lfo.s alias at audio frequency? could they be used for AM synthesis, or as aditional oscilators?

16-Jun-10 10:02 PM

Velocipede    Said...

I have a Mopho box and love the sound, but have to wonder how nice it would be to have all those knobs. Do they take you in different directions than the original or the Tetra box?

Oh, and can it emulate a hoard of vuvuzelas?

18-Jun-10 04:56 AM

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