Off Topic: iPhone 4 - Great Gadget, Bad Phone?

Signal strength drops when held      24/06/10


I'm sure I'm not alone in seriously considering adopting new iPhone when my current handset comes up for renewal - I've so far remained loyal to Nokai - with my unfortunate N97 being the current squeeze.

The social media, the apps,  the camera, the music and creativity possibilities, all make it a more and more compelling device. Up to now, I've been resistant, but this new phone has yet again got me in a connundrum as to what to get - Android is looking pretty sweet too from a Google integration point of view - we use Google Apps extensively on Sonicstate. But Android isnt yet a creative platform in the same way the the iPhone is.


However, this new video shows there may be an issue that detracts from the overall iPhone experience - after all, this IS a phone too. 

Check out this piece in the Register demonstrating a possible design flaw when it comes to the internal arial and signal strength.




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Mcboy    Said...

Its just a display bug..the calls still go knows about it and is preparing a fix for those phones that have the bug......

24-Jun-10 12:24 PM

NIck B    Said...

Okay cool, thats one plus point back to the iphone for my next phone choice then...

24-Jun-10 01:26 PM

robbiemacman    Said...

Mine doesn't do it on 02 however I man handle it. and call quality is so much better than 3g model.

24-Jun-10 02:41 PM

funkdefino    Said...

Sonic State - By musicians for musicians.

Looking for the music part of this report. Can't find it.

24-Jun-10 08:28 PM

iPhone User Not    Said...

A) it says off topic B) iPhone is becoming a phone of choice for many musicians, due to its ability to play music and more and more to also create it.

25-Jun-10 03:19 AM

funkdefino    Said...

My mistake. It does say off topic.

25-Jun-10 04:39 AM

dyscode    Said...

I am waiting for the iPod 4 anyway. I already have a phone.

25-Jun-10 10:22 AM

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