Studio LOG: Rotations - Album In the Making 003

Sound processing, recording the box      20/07/10

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8:15 mins

This episode sees Robbie taking the soundscape further with the addition of some ambient textures courtesy of the Prophet '08 and some heavily processed rhythmic loops. He also puts a new box to good use by creating some custom snare samples from that and a wooden spoon and lashings of granular processing.


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About Robbie
Robbie Bronnimann is a UK based producer, remixer and performer who’s trademark euphoric trance sound first appeared  in the 90’s as dba,  who released 3 of their own albums  as well as numerous critically acclaimed singles and remixes under that moniker & the subsequent tektonik^ project with Andy Ross. Since then he’s worked as a producer and writer for The Sugababes, Japanese signing Elixia  and Howard Jones -  with whom he regularly performs with an innovative laptop and Ableton Live setup. More recently, he’s been working on  film scores as composer, collaborating with Andy Hunter on US releases Expelled and No Saints For Sinners.

Right now he’s working on an album for a major label, who have given him the enviable task of “making the record he wants to”. This will allow him to explore some more unusual musical avenues and production techniques, including live vocal processing and more real-time performance.



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Z    Said...

To Robbie & Nick- I Just wanted to say that I am THOROUGHLY enjoying this series.

20-Jul-10 09:58 AM

clay    Said...

>To Robbie & Nick- I Just wanted to say that I am THOROUGHLY enjoying this series. +1 excellent series!

20-Jul-10 10:31 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Agreed, very cool series. Also, aside from the great content I really like the production on these.

20-Jul-10 11:35 AM

Ron    Said...

the strings were lovely what vst did you use

20-Jul-10 12:34 PM

Aron    Said...

Yes, Excellent series. Great content. I'm really enjoying this as well. Thanks for your efforts.

20-Jul-10 04:05 PM

robbiemacman    Said...

Thanks for the kind comments. The strings are the AudioBro LA Scoring Strings that run as a Kontakt 4 instrument.

20-Jul-10 05:41 PM

MFur    Said...

It's very interesting to watch this episodes. Good luck on the project! ;) I am looking forward to see new episode!

21-Jul-10 01:41 AM

Sticks Man    Said...

Yes I too thoroughly enjoy these types of video blogs and related content from Sonic State. Keep it up!

21-Jul-10 04:57 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Hey Robbie, smart idea hitting the TC u can still send it back claiming the delivery guy dropped it... ;-) Interesting production methods I see so far !!!

21-Jul-10 07:34 AM

BK    Said...

Love how there are so many episodes already - very consistent! Loving every minute!

21-Jul-10 07:36 PM

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