Studio LOG: Rotations - Album In the Making 004

Granular hits and transitions, DSI Evolver action      23/07/10

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Another great installment from the on-going album project "Rotations" from Robbie. This time we look at some lovely granular transitions to create atmospheric hits, some great hard sequence sounds from the Dave Smith Evolver. 
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About Robbie
Robbie Bronnimann is a UK based producer, remixer and performer who’s trademark euphoric trance sound first appeared  in the 90’s as dba,  who released 3 of their own albums  as well as numerous critically acclaimed singles and remixes under that moniker & the subsequent tektonik^ project with Andy Ross. Since then he’s worked as a producer and writer for The Sugababes, Japanese signing Elixia  and Howard Jones -  with whom he regularly performs with an innovative laptop and Ableton Live setup. More recently, he’s been working on  film scores as composer, collaborating with Andy Hunter on US releases Expelled and No Saints For Sinners.

Right now he’s working on an album for a major label, who have given him the enviable task of “making the record he wants to”. This will allow him to explore some more unusual musical avenues and production techniques, including live vocal processing and more real-time performance.



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Robbie Ryan (I love analogue)    Said...

Brilliant! A great nuts + bolts audio commentary and a great resource for musicians and producers.

23-Jul-10 09:24 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Excellent! Sounding great so far...

23-Jul-10 10:41 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I'm jealous of his studio.

By rhetoric, I can only assume he must be a super-top producer to even have all that stuff - therefore we're lucky to have this insight!

Can't wait to hear the finished albums

24-Jul-10 10:04 PM

Johan    Said...

Nick, the version on iTunes of this episode is corrupted (after 2 minutes)... Other than that I really love these kind of series, keep em coming!

11-Aug-10 07:34 AM

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