SSL Announce MADI Router

New MADI-X8 delivers advanced 8 Port MADI router/splitter/aggregator functionality      07/09/10

SSL Announce MADI Router

Solid State Logic have announced the release of MADI-X8, a versatile and cost effective 8-port MADI audio router/splitter/aggregator system.
"MADI-X8 is a product which responds directly to requests from many of our SI partners and clients for an audio asset sharing system that is affordable for small and mid scale installations," says Niall Feldman, Director Of New Products at SSL "Delivering a low cost 512 cross point router with eight MADI I/O and clock distribution, which can be controlled from cross platform browser software from anywhere on a network, is a significant achievement. This kind of technology has never been available at this price before, so it lowers the barrier to what can be achieved with an intelligent audio network in small- to mid-scale systems."
Here's all the details from SSL...
MADI-X8 is an affordable, powerful and versatile MADI routing system. In addition to offering simple point to point bulk routing, MADI-X8 offers Source Distribution (one source too many destinations), Device Splitting (any combination of individual channels to any destination) and Source Aggregation (a single 64 Ch. output consists of any combination of channels from various inputs). MADI-X8 is therefore a unique low-cost solution to audio distribution and aggregation challenges in a wide range of applications including, broadcast production studios and OB vehicles, large scale film/game scoring, multi-room studio complexes requiring real time asset sharing and live sound.
The MADI-X8 is a 1U unit with six MADI fibre and two coax I/O. It provides a 512 x 512 point routing matrix controlled by cross-platform SSL Logictivity™ Browser software. The Browser interface makes creation of even the most complex routing configurations very straightforward. The MADI-X8 hardware can store up to 128 presets and continues to function when the Logictivity™ Browser is disconnected. MADI-X8 can act as a Master Clock source or as a clock distribution system via its MADI and/or Word Clock connections. It has Intelligent Clock Sensing with Auto Failover, which can monitor both a Primary Master Clock and a Secondary Clock source and switch automatically should the Master Clock source fail. Up to four MADI-X8 units can be controlled by a single browser and multiple browsers can control a single MADI-X8 over a wired or wireless network.
Key Features
  • 8 MADI I/Os (6 x Optical and 2 x Coax). 1 x Word Clock In, 3 x Word Clock Out
  • Versatile Point to Point, Source Distribution, Source Splitting and Source Aggregation
  • Straightforward set up via intuitive cross platform Logicitivty™ Browser software
  • Preset based recall of partial or full routing set ups
  • Ethernet browser connection. Controllable over Wi-Fi and Internet
  • Efficient and simple Network setup using Multicast DNS Auto Unit Discovery
  • Logictivity™ Browser can access up to four MADI-X8 Units simultaneously
  • Multiple Logictivity™ enabled MAC's and PC's can access the MADI-X8 simultaneously
  • Dual Master Clock Source (Internal, Word Clock or MADI Input A-H) with Auto Failover
  • 512 x 512 Ch@48kHz, 256 x 256 Ch@96kHz, 128 x 128 Ch@192kHz cross point matrix
  • Independent MADI Mode Operation (56/64 CH Mode, Legacy/Frame Pattern) per MADI I/O
  • Preservation of 'Control over MADI Data' (depending on the Data Protocol)
  • Support for Varispeed (+/-10% Varispeed on 56CH Ports only)
  • Ultra Low MADI Roundtrip Latency; 4 samples (44.1/48Khz), 8 samples (88.2/96Khz), 16 samples (176.4/192Khz)
Pricing and Availability:
MADI-X8 will be available from SSL Resellers from October 2010 priced £2250 + VAT (€2745 + VAT). More information:

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