PLASA10: Allen & Heath GSR24 Production Mixer

Tasty analog/digital/MIDI hybrid      16/09/10

No flash plug

6:56 mins

Always worth a visit to the Allen & Heath booth at any show, their range of studio, live and DJ mixers covers a lot of ground - with plenty of tools for the job in hand.

The latest announcement - the GSR- 24 builds on their previous and current studio consoles but takes DAW integration a step further with additional MIDI control implementation, some clever inline style features, FireWire and ADAT IO plus 2 tasty valve channels for warming up the signal.

We spoke to Mike Griffin, architect of the GSR about its features and applications.



  • 24 mic/line input pre-amps
  • 24 channels of 4 band EQ with fully parametric mids
  • Choice of analogue or Firewire / ADAT interface modules
  • 2 dual stereo inputs with EQ
  • 2 additional valve inputs
  • 6 auxes
  • 4 subgroups
  • Main Stereo + Mono bus
  • PFL, AFL + Solo in Place
  • MIDI control
  • 5.1 surround monitoring
  • Integral meterbridge
  • Separate linear power supply
Available Octoberish in versions with motorized and non motorized faders.
Final price TBC but expect around £6.5k full list price for the motorized version. 





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If that thing is as sweet sounding as it is functional? . . . Sweet A$$!!!

16-Sep-10 04:06 PM

An Astonished Person    Said...

By george, if it does indeed sound alright, like the previous commenter mentioned, this could mean companies are getting it!

16-Sep-10 04:17 PM

NickB    Said...

I initially thought that this was quite pricey, but actuallynthis level of integration and audio quality ( I couldn't verify that for sure at the show) with valve, midi and digital interfacing, it's pretty fairly priced

16-Sep-10 05:21 PM

suddenly I start loving A&H    Said...

Finally that's what I'am thinking I am hoping for years now something like that is coming out. You can say "yeah but digital" Uhum Sorry for me it just doesn't fit and doesn't work having a console comming out where you can midi control and have recall on the faders is a dream coming true. For that price This is going to be great for studio and live. Are only the faders and controls midi-mapable or is there more ?

18-Sep-10 06:48 AM

fastermaster    Said...

I wonder how the internal converters sound...

15-Sep-11 05:49 PM

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