Buggles Rehearsal - Sarm West - Geoff Downes

We chat to co-founder and keyboard player      24/09/10

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The Age of Plastic was one of those  records the helped define an era, born from the musical minds of Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes, it laid a marker at the start of the era of  electronic pop. Trevor Horn continued to flex his production muscles on some, if not most of the milestone albums from the next decade and Geoff went into to the superstar world of Yes and Asia whith whom he still tours voraciously.

31 years on and Buggles are set to reform for one night only, when they will perform The Age of  Plastic in its entirety as well as selected tunes from Mr Horn's other projects, plus a couple from 10cc as Lol Creme is guitarist on the night, plus some other special guests. Add to that Gary Langham doing front of house sound and you have a star-studded night to remember.

Unfortunately, tickets are completely sold out for next Tuesdays (28th September, 7.30pm) gig at the Supper Club in London, where even high prices failed to dampen sales (all proceeds are going to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability).

We were invited up to Trevor Horn's studio at Sarm West, where the band are currently rehearsing, to take a look around Geoffs keyboard rig in a short break between numbers. He even treated us to a couple of those classic riffs.

Special thanks to the band and the crew for making us welcome and giving up some of their precious time.





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Thanks for that guys really interesting.

24-Sep-10 11:17 AM

Leigh Kemp    Said...

Thanks for that guys really interesting.

24-Sep-10 11:18 AM

AndyUK    Said...

Endorsed by roland by any chance ??? lol

25-Sep-10 06:31 AM

dripfeed    Said...

Brilliant! More! Please, more! Visit Vince Clarke, Ultravox, Simple Minds.

25-Sep-10 06:44 AM

Juicy Audio Productions    Said...

Geoff's a legend, and there are A LOT of keyboards on the live rig. Wasnt too keen on the album, but 3 or four of the tracks are spot on even now.

26-Sep-10 08:53 PM

Moogblood    Said...

It is a shame. No analog monster in his set.

28-Sep-10 12:21 PM

GOD    Said...


01-Oct-10 06:32 PM

Zach    Said...

Love it

04-Oct-10 01:13 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Very cool and informative. He does have a Roland endorsement, which is cool.

05-Oct-10 03:59 AM

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