Vocal Production In Record 1.5

Using Neptune For Subtle Tuning & Harmoniesa      24/09/10

Propellerhead guru James Bernard is back with another one of his tutorials on Reason 5 + Record 1.5

This tutorial takes a look at using Neptune Pitch Adjuster for subtle pitch correction and harmonies:

So many times people look at pitch correction from a standpoint of "how extreme can it go?" Understandably, entire sub-genres of Hip-hop have risen out of this mentality.

However, this week I decided to show you how MOST of us will probably be using Neptune. This week is all about using Neptune tastefully for perfecting an otherwise nice vocal performance and applying additional harmonies via the voice synth.

See Propellerhead's YouTube channel more in Bernard's series of 52 tutorials on Reason + Record. 


James Lewin
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abc    Said...

Unlike fixed pitched musical instruments singing should be more elastic and sometimes out of pitch naturally otherwise it sounds artificial

24-Sep-10 11:50 AM

eddie Bengala    Said...

cool feature, but pretty annoying to listen to a John Mayer wanna be track. No matter what the way this dude sings will always get out of tune in a liver situation. I would suggest him to beat out the sound alike tone and develope is own tone that will work for studio and live performance. Propellerhead should worry about implementing 64bit rewire support instead of wasting time on videos like this. Peace

28-Sep-10 04:22 AM

Ralph Caneti    Said...

Totally agree with the above comment in terms of propellerhead getting their stuff running in rewire 64bit. Now days is pretty hard to make any music that will sound totally un-influenced or expect voice tones unheard before this is 2010. Great tutorial but both thumbs down for no rewire support on 64bit system.

04-Oct-10 08:32 PM

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