iSequence for iPad v2.0

8-Track Mobile Music Sequencer Gets Update      03/10/10

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Developer Beepstreet has released iSequence for iPad v2.0, an update to the 8-track mobile music sequencer. 

The video, above, offers a video preview of the new functions. 


  • 165 built-in high quality instruments embedded in 3 banks; acoustic, drum kits, pads, leads, sweeps and ambient atmospheres recorded with top classic and modern hardware synthesizers. Additional banks available in the BankShop.
  • Pattern sequencer: 8 tracks and FX curves editor. Instruments are not bound to tracks, so you can play chords or use multiple instruments on a single track. Up to 999 patterns in the project.
  • Piano keyboard (6 octaves) or drum pads.
  • Event parameters: note duration, panning, velocity and gliss
  • Real time recording; metronome and 'slow down' mode.
  • Sampler; mapping, loops, ADSR envelope, sample start
  • Copy/paste, move and transpose selected area or patterns.
  • Mixer: 8 tracks, 5 configurable effect slots with flexible routing. Effects: Filter, Reverb, Flanger, Delay, LO-FI crusher, Equalizer, Compressor. All parameters can be recorded in real-time or edited using automation editor.
  • WIFI-sharing: HSQ, MIDI, WAV export. HSQ import.

Pricing and Availability

iSequence for iPad 2.0 is available now for US $14.99 in the App Store. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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