Korg Releases Free File Conversion Software

AudioGate enables anyone to play back/convert/edit high-resolution audio without proprietary hardware      19/11/10
Korg Releases Free File Conversion Software

Korg has announced the release of its AudioGate software for free for all content creators and listeners alike (as long as they have an active Twitter account). This file conversion, editing and authoring software had previously only been available bundled with Korg's MR series of DSD recorders. Here's all the details directly from Korg...
AudioGate enables the real-time playback of DSD/SACD files on any computer system, with any audio hardware. Powerful dithering algorithms are provided, along with editing tools such as divide, merge, normalize, fade-in/fade-out and DC cut. Users can convert from 5.6 MHz or 2.8 MHz 1-bit audio files to any other format, including 16- or 24-bit PCM (up to 192 kHz sample rates), Apple Lossless or AAC, FLAC, Broadcast WAV (up to 32-bit floating supported) and even MP3 formats. It can be used to burn audio CDs, and the newer DSD Disc format (2.8 MHz sample rate), which can be played back on a growing number of devices, such as Sony Playstation®s and Vaio computers.
By releasing this software for free, Korg is providing a solution for all audio content owners and creators to deliver their art in the highest resolution possible. By giving everyone the tools they need to enjoy high resolution audio and to repurpose it for any device or situation, the market can offer their customers content that is closest to the aural experience the artist had when performing and recording it. In today's world of terabyte hard drives and ultra-fast digital pipelines, there is no longer any need to utilize compressed formats with compromised fidelity. In fact, the world has gotten used to working with high-resolution video on an everyday basis, and Korg's intent is that likewise, audio delivery and enjoyment has no reason to remain compromised.
Pricing and Availability:
Korg's AudioGate software is included with all MR Series recorders. It is also now available for free to everyone at the website listed below. Non-MR recorder owners can activate the software by entering an active Twitter account. Please visit for complete details and download instructions. More information:


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1984    Said...

"as long as they have an active Twitter account" WTF???

Big Brother wants to know, WHO YOU ARE.

Time to unplug from digital and go back to analog. Digital = Police State Analog = FREEDOM

19-Nov-10 11:26 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

You know that they have got your ip address from that post, right? ;-)

19-Nov-10 01:29 PM

raphus    Said...

Privacy issues aside, I resent having to have a Twitter account, too. It's hard enough for me to stay on top of music technology, without having to stay abreast of all the various fad ways that text can appear on my phone.

20-Nov-10 01:29 PM

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