Riffworks Updated

Sonoma Wire Works' RiffWorks Standard and RiffWorks T4 Recording Software updated to v2.6.4      20/12/10

Riffworks Updated

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Sonoma Wire Works has launched a free update for RiffWorks Standard and RiffWorks T4 recording software (Windows & Mac). Here's the press release that they have sent us with all the details...
Updating from RiffWorks v2.5 to v2.6.4 adds layer dragging, OS and amp modeling software compatibility, and new InstantDrummer content. RiffWorks' built-in RiffLink online collaboration has been rewritten for much improved speed, performance and reliability. Easily record ideas at the moment of inspiration, create complete songs with drums and effects, collaborate online with musicians around the world, post tunes to the RiffWorld.com online community, and more.
About RiffWorks & RiffLink:
RiffWorks T4 includes 4 layer loop recording, automatic track creation, guitar-oriented effects, the unique InstantDrummer, and more. RiffWorks Standard includes additional features such as 24 layer recording, REX and ReWire support, 9 InstantDrummer sessions, Sonoma 7 VST plug-in, 60 days of RiffLink online collaboration, 32-bit recording, 32-bit mix, and export to any DAW for editing and mastering, and more. RiffWorks is an inspiring songwriting tool for individuals and groups. Musicians worldwide can create songs together online using RiffWorks recording software in what feels like real-time. An unlimited number of musicians, using MacOS and/or Windows, can collaborate on a song (4 at a time) and chat while they're at it. Layers show up as soon as they are finished streaming and are always perfectly in sync. Each layer is instantly streamed to connected users and automatically saved on the server for those who wish to contribute later. RiffWorks' loop-based recording eliminates latency and distance issues encountered in many online collaboration services. Rather than sending large audio files back and forth over the internet, or dealing with latency issues, RiffLink makes collaborating simple, productive, social, convenient and fun. With one click, users can broadcast songs and get feedback on RiffWorld.
Pricing and Availability:
RiffWorks T4 is free for a limited time. RiffWorks Standard is priced at $129 MSRP, and is available from Sonoma Wire Works and many stores worldwide. RiffLink collaboration is an add-on service priced at $10 for thirty days or $60 for one year (365 days). More information:


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