WNAMM11: The Moog Voyager XL

Video Demo Of Moog's 61 Note XL      15/01/11

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4:39 mins

Moog's Voyager XL with 61 note, ribbon controller and patch panel. Gorgeous!

The ribbon controller sounds absolutely terrifying, and the whole synth is packed with some really cool features.

Retail price is at $4995.

Check out the video to hear and see the Voyager XL in full action.

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SteveFromBerlin    Said...

It's one of the things you can't afford.

15-Jan-11 05:39 PM

selercs    Said...

Its pretty innovative naming scheme how they convert the hindu-arabic numeral 40 into roman and it automatically spells Xtra-Large for Moog!

As always with Moog, the sounds are fat but wonder why they still can't get more polyphony and multitimbrality. (Ok Ok I have to sample it and play it with more poly...but I was thinking along the roads of Alesis Andromeda or Dave Smith Instruments).

15-Jan-11 07:00 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

If he can't play like Jordan Ruduss then a similar beard will have to do!

15-Jan-11 11:24 PM

Andy H    Said...

Love the look of the XL. I have yet to hear a good demonstration of it's new abilities though. This video started well but those horrible out of tune leads the chap played just don't do anything for me at all. Lets hear the basslines, the crazy leads, the mad effects!

24-Jan-11 08:21 AM

Putra    Said...

His son Stan (Shannon) is one of my best friends, we go to Hockinson High School. He'd been in Taiwan all smmeur and I hadn't seen him since he got back. It's really too bad, he was a really cool guy and obviously a genius. The night before I took apart my Fender Stratocaster to paint it and I couldn't put it together, and I was like.."I'll just take it Stan's dad". Next morning, he's dead.He's affected so many around the world and they don't even really know it. He was a great guy.It was all those un-filtered cigarettes. God dammit.Rest in peace, Mr. Barr.

20-Aug-12 09:46 AM

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