WNAMM11: Teenage Engineering OP-1 Is Ready For Production

First batch is already sold out      19/01/11

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WNAMM11: Teenage Engineering OP-1 Is Ready For Production

Teenage Engineering announced at the show that, after more than two years of development, the OP-1 was ready for production.
They said that initial supply would be limited and reservations were being accepted for the first production run, manufacturing, assembly and shipping estimated at eight weeks.
Further to this news we can now tell you that the OP-1 is sold out but that you can sign up to be notified when new stock arrives.
Pricing and Availability:
The OP-1 is priced at $ 799 / Euro 799 (including EC-VAT). More information:

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Brian from USA    Said...

It's not the kind of instrument I'm personally interested in but as an engineer myself I was gobsmacked by the display and the color coding for the knobs...so obvious, how come noone has done that in the past? Almost like an Apple product (that's a compliment)

19-Jan-11 08:36 AM

six    Said...

fascinating product. But for 800 bucks to do some hipster 8bit glitch shit um...fuck no. just go modify a tascam 4 track.

20-Jan-11 02:46 AM

mbleming    Said...

"hipster shit"...what does that even mean at this point?? Six, what gear do you use that rises above the useless tag of "hipster shit"...You suggest modifying a tascam 4 track...hmmm cassette culture is probably THE most hipster recording format on earth right now! $800 is not cheap, but this is a boutique product made by small group of inspired folks. Develop a truly unique and compelling piece of hardware and report back with your SRP and we'll see how generous you are...

10-Feb-11 03:25 PM

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