WNAMM11: Fairlight 30th Anniversary Edition

Brand new, old      20/01/11

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Cor, who'd have thought its been 30 years since the original Fairlight II was introduced? The harbinger of many classic 80's records from the big shots of the time, its become an icon of sampling creativity. back in the day, it was £50,000 UK which was a LOT of cash, hence it was only  plaything the few.

Now you can buy it again, Fiarlight have re-issued using up to dat hardware with a higher voice count, LED display, still with the green on blacck look and the stylus., but with more of everything else, storage etc.

You can order yours now, its $20k AUS US, which is a considerable chunk, though as Peter says when you take inflation into the equation, its a lot less than the original in real terms etc.

Its the sort of thing you'd say, if you have to ask how much, then you cant afford it.




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selercs    Said...


I fell in love with this instrument when I saw this on the British Top Of the Pops live show for some of my all-time favorite songs like 'Always On My Mind'. (I think they used an Emulator for 'Its a Sin').

I am in my early 30s now...I was a kid back then and used to drool of synths.

80's music is still my favorite and thats why I like Yamaha, Roland over Korg in general since Korg has a more of 90s+ sound.

20-Jan-11 07:19 PM

selercs    Said...

If I had the money, I would buy this for the nostalgia! Hell yeah!

Until then I will use all the sampling on my Apple Logic, Yamaha, Korg and Roland hehe.

20-Jan-11 07:20 PM

Bue Monster 65    Said...

Screw the kids' college funds - I'm getting a Fairlight instead!

20-Jan-11 11:05 PM

Fleckpen    Said...

Is that Victor Wooten playing bass in the background? I kept hoping we'd see more of him, instead of this $20k lightpen w/ a computer. Maybe you could sample him 8-bit/16k and transpose and loop it.

21-Jan-11 11:47 AM

robgs    Said...

Jeez! I just wanted to reach into the screen and strangle that bloody bass player.

21-Jan-11 02:06 PM

tob    Said...

thats alot of money for nostalgia... they should release the software.

24-Jan-11 12:11 PM

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