WNAMM11: Omnisphere 1.5 Synth Engine Updates

Behold, more synth engine features      24/01/11

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17:7 mins

Omnisphere as a synthesizer is really starting to expand. The capability has always been there sure, but now with the 1.5 update (free again BTW), there's some glorious new avenues to explore. Harmonia - now has some massive modulation and spread, granular synthesis has been added with real-time modulation, Waveshaping and of course the ORB.

I'll let Eric demonstrate as only he can. Not long to wait - Feb 15th is when it hits



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selercs    Said...

really nice!

unconventional company with high standards. the reason why i say its unconventional is that they don't make the standard synths, drum machines, romplers from other companies.

24-Jan-11 11:56 AM

grimley    Said...

Hi Nick, How about showing some love to us iPad/iPhone users and serving up video that we can view?

24-Jan-11 02:33 PM

butt_piles    Said...

I'll second that 'grimley'. Sick of having to get off my butt and go to the computer.. much safer on the couch!

25-Jan-11 01:24 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Been looking forward to seeing this! Truly a company that cares

25-Jan-11 06:21 AM

Nick    Said...

What happens when you hit the MP4 link, does it not play in that?

25-Jan-11 06:29 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Nope, does not play on my 4G.

25-Jan-11 04:29 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Absolutely brilliant - again. Omnisphere is a fantastic synth - one of the few cases as well where something is powerful with a large library of really userful presets and relatively easy to edit and create new sounds with as well!

26-Jan-11 02:02 PM

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