Space Shuttle Tribute Created With Kronos

KARMA developer, Stephen Kay releases Challenger 25th Anniversary Tribute created on the new Korg      28/01/11
The 25th anniversary of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster occurs today, Friday, January 28, 2011. KARMA Developer Stephen Kay, working with the new Korg KRONOS, has released a tribute song/video to commemorate it. Here's the vid and the press release that he has sent us...
Accompanied by his long-time partner David Alvey on guitars and backing vocals, Kay used the new Korg KRONOS to record all of the keyboard, synth and drum parts for the resurrection of his 25 year old original composition "The Challenger (Where No One's Gone Before)".
"25 years ago, right after the event when I wrote and recorded a version of this song, the Internet was nothing like it is now," comments Kay. "There was no YouTube, no Facebook or Twitter - no social networking sites and forums to release this on myself. While I received some great responses and positive interest, I was unsuccessful in getting it released back then."
In early 2010 Kay, now the developer of KARMA Technology at Karma-Lab and a partner with Korg and Yamaha, discovered that the 25th anniversary of the disaster was approaching, so he re-visited his effort and realized that perhaps the song might finally be able to find an appreciative audience.
Kay found a challenge of his own in resurrecting the song: the tracks and the equipment used to play them were now decades old, and it would be difficult to restore them, particularly as the original master tape was decomposing and decaying. He could have re-recorded the song anew, though it had been years since he had regularly performed, but he felt the emotion held in his original performance would be more appropriate and vital. He found help restoring the tapes into new digital files, and brought his old equipment out of storage, including his now 30-year-old Apple II+ computer, which he successfully nursed back into working order.
The story of this process, which he figures may be of most interest to musicians and recording geeks, is related on his site with great care and comprehensive detail, along with the history of the Challenger mission, the astronauts, and other resources related to the production of the song and video.
In all, the project took some six months to complete. Not wishing to gain from this financially, he hopes that it will encourage donations to the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, founded by Challenger family members, ( And he merely wishes to once again take the chance to convey the heartfelt message of hope and inspiration to all who would challenge the odds, and to remind the world that it's with the brave that the future lies.
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Broken America    Said...

what a shit song,how fuckin cheesey. Hard to believe its real? Spinal tap or what.

28-Jan-11 01:35 AM

What the fuck???    Said...

The cunt who put this together should have gone up in that rocket, I reckon they belong in the same camp as dog the bounty hunter!!! This really is excruciatingly bad......

28-Jan-11 01:40 AM

rez_azel    Said...

This reminds me a bit of the title melody of the "Enterprise" TV series in its amount of cheese... but WHY use this song to promote KRONOS? Kind of lame...

28-Jan-11 04:18 AM

Flashback    Said...

I'm hoping that its cheesey 80s to fit in with the times the Shuttle was launched, sort of retro pastiche? Coz if not, some things are better left alone

28-Jan-11 05:13 AM


"Release this on myself"... Indeed...

28-Jan-11 11:10 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Well, based on the above comments I was interested to see what this would be.

So imagine my surprise to hear this very nice song with a very worthy subject. Of course it's got an 80s sound, but I really like it. Great vocals, too.

A really wonderful tribute to a tragedy that emphasizes the dream rather than the pain.

28-Jan-11 12:37 PM

back to 80s    Said...

I loved it. Great song! If given a chance, I believe, it would have been a hit during late 80s...

28-Jan-11 03:28 PM

Boycott Israel/midi boy    Said...

Ariel Sharon is A natzi in a coma says, I love the sympathy quotes. It wont turn this into a cool piece of music or a fitting tribute. The American space programme is amusing, no health care in America but money for nonsense like space exploration, anyhow fuckin comical track. Unless this was done has a joke for a spoof film?

29-Jan-11 03:05 AM

raphus    Said...

I didn't like the song, and I thought it was a little too "Eye of the Tiger," but man! All this vitriol!

29-Jan-11 12:44 PM

Kerzwhile    Said...

Stephen Kay, A technological Pioneer, wrote a Song, 25 YEARS AGO, Probably Fresh Out of College for such a Horrible tragedy paying tribute to those Lost and You "people" have the Nerve to BASH him and His Music! Do you people even know who Stephen Kay is? "shakes head in disgust"!!

04-Feb-11 04:02 PM

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