Multiples E Drums 3.0 Now Available

Free Synthesized & Processed Drums Sample Library      16/03/11

Multiples E Drums 3.0 Now Available

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Multiples has released E|Drums 3.0, a free sample library of electronic drum sounds. 

The pack itself is split into three sections:

  • Synthesised - samples covering Kick, Snares and Hats using MDrummer, KickMaker and Reaktor to synthesise the sounds.
  • Alesis Performance Pad - The Performance Pad was routed through a Line 6 POD and ModPro pedal. They were then processed with Frohmage, Roughrider and Guitar Rig to create "the most eclectic and weird sample set".
  • Loops - These were all of the above samples rinsed through the Reaktor ensembles Massive and GoBox. 

Technical Details:


  • Alesis Samples – 405 @ 16bit 44khz
  • Synthesised Samples – 123 @ 16bit 44khz
  • Total – 528 individual hits
  • Alesis Loops – 67 @ 24bit 96khz recorded at 128bpm
  • Synthesised Loops – 50 @24bit 96khz recorded at 120bpm
  • Drum Computer – 93 @24bit 96khz recorded at 120bpm
  • Total – 210 individual Loops


  • Battery Patches – 3.1+ @45.3mb
  • exs24 Patches – Logic 9+ @20kb
  • Kontakt Patches – 4.2+ @51.8mb
  • Reaktor SampleMaps – 5.5+ @ 44.2mb
  • .wav Samples – 44.5mb download
  • Loops – 241mb download

Pricing and Availability

E|Drums 3.0 is available now as a free download. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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