MESSE11: Arturia Spark Demo

Hybrid Drum machine      06/04/11

No flash plug

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8:40 mins

The new Arturia Spark is a combination of hardware programming interface for step and real-time recording of beats, and a software component - either running as VST/AU or stand-alone.

With samples, modeling and effects, it gives you a large pallete of sounds to work with.

Shipping June.

Pricing Update: €490/$590 US




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Brian from USA    Said...

I was expecting it to be all in hardware like the Origin.

06-Apr-11 02:12 PM

DrX    Said...

"I was expecting it to be all in hardware like the Origin." then you wouldn't expected to be in the $500-$600 range, would you? I saw it at NAMM, looked good but I couldn't really hear the quality. Now I got a chance to try the Beta software, it sounds great and has a lot of really cool features. Can't wait for the controller to arrive!

06-Apr-11 02:46 PM

Al    Said...

i wish they'd make the controller a sound card as well. 600 for just a controller seems way too high.

06-Apr-11 10:47 PM

Michael from Germany    Said...

I saw you filming that at Messe. Your camera/audio rig looks very impressing :-)

cheers, Michael

07-Apr-11 06:53 AM

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