MESSE11: Superbooth Tour! Here It Is!

The yearly treat for Analog Synth Fetishists      11/04/11

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14:3 mins

It's always the highlight of MusikMesse for us - the annual pilgrimage to the MusikMecca that is The Superbooth.

Run (quite literally as you'll see from his sprint around the stand) by the famous Andreas Schneider from eponymous Schneider's Büro in Berlin, it's a haven for all manner of analog loveliness - big things, small things, nice things and noisy things, all brought together by a love of experimentation and pushing the analog electronic music envelope.

So here we go again one more time... hold on tight and scream if you wanna go louder...


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WaveFormTX    Said...

Lost audio @ 12:55. Also, not so much audio demos from the synths?

11-Apr-11 02:03 PM

Sabrewave    Said...

Yeah. Audio gone at 12.55. Shame, I was just getting into it.

11-Apr-11 03:16 PM

NickB    Said...

We'll check that. There are several individual pieces as well. Some are already up online...

11-Apr-11 03:56 PM

Andy Mac    Said...

OK, re-render coming up to fix weird audio disappearance!

But regarding lack of individual audio demos during the superbooth tour - it's simply not possible while Andreas is doing a run around; we just don't know where he's going next, and it takes a while to sort out connections and get a mix into our system. That's why we try to get as many individual pieces as we can too, in the limited time we have. There's more to come... :-]

11-Apr-11 07:19 PM

Derek    Said...

Looks like the new render is up (note the filename)... thanks!

THIS is why we glue ourselves to Sonic State. ;) Cheers, guys!

11-Apr-11 09:10 PM

Stoltz    Said...

you have to be a very special kind of guy to be into & actually use anologue modular synths... let alone make one. loved it :)

11-Apr-11 09:44 PM

fx1mark    Said...

I always look forward to the superbooth tour, Andreas is a hoot!

12-Apr-11 09:25 PM

analoguefetish    Said...

Great video. Thank you Sonic State!

13-Apr-11 01:50 AM

CodecXO!    Said...

@ Stoltz

Or a very special kind of woman:

13-Apr-11 12:15 PM

sonicase    Said...

fuck, i thought up doing something like the tinysizer


15-Apr-11 04:06 AM

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