MESSE11: Nlog Synth for iPad Demonstrated

Looks pretty comprehensive too      13/04/11

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The Sonoma Wireworks stand at Messe was small, but it had one of the highest Cool-Thing-Per-Square-Metre ratios to be found anywhere at the show ;-]

Gathered together by their shared use of the very handy Audio Copy & Paste protocol developed by Sonoma Wireworks, which allows Apps to share audio data between them, a number of developers were showcasing their iPad wares.

One of the most comprehensive iPad synthesizers I've come across - NLog Synth Pro - was being demonstrated by Rolf Wohrmann from Tempo-Rubato.

It offers 4 oscillators, 2 filters, 4 LFOs, 4 envelopes, a raft of FX and over 190 preset sounds.
Oh, and there's going to be a version for OSX coming soon too, so you can transfer data between the two.
Probably makes good tea, too.

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Andy McCreeth


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Marc JX8P    Said...

Wow, definitely going to check this one out!

14-Apr-11 12:38 PM

Kevin Nolan, Dublin.    Said...

I have a beef with this company. I bought nLog synth for iPhone and it wasn't the cheapest app. Very shortly after they released a pro version - but with NO upgrade path - you have to buy the whole app again. I emailed them to enquire about an upgrade path and didn't receive a reply.

I'm no griper - but I don't trust this company - they are not cheap - and the question is whether they will do this again in the future (highly likely in my opinion). Great product - but the company has no problem charging you multiple times as they upgrade the same product - too expensive for the long term for me. There are plenty of far cheaper and in many cases better alternatives.

14-Apr-11 06:24 PM

Dr. Van Steiner    Said...

I got this last month- it's almost cooler than my Moog RME. Great deal for $15!

05-May-11 11:46 AM

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