Subtractive Polyphonic Synth For Mac And Windows

kiloHearts releases kHs ONE      19/07/11

Subtractive Polyphonic Synth For Mac And Windows

A new player on the software synthesizer market, kiloHearts, has just released kHs ONE, the company's first software synth. Here's their pres release:
With a low threshold to get started, both in price and usability, kHs ONE is a bread-and-butter analog/subtractive synth standing ready to easily be dropped into any type of project, benefiting both professionals and hobbyists.
"We felt that a lot of the high quality synths out there come with a lot of baggage in the form of complex interfaces, complicated installation and registration procedures, dongles, overly restrictive licenses etc, and on top of this a steep price tag," says Anders Stenberg, developer and co-founder. "Our goal has been to provide something that is simple to use and just works, but still sounds great, and I think we've achieved just that."
Built from the ground up on in-house technology, kHs ONE boasts three oscillators, two filters and one waveshaper per voice, all carefully engineered to keep aliasing and other artifacts to an absolute minimum. All aspects of kHs ONE can be modulated in multiple powerful ways, while still easily keeping full control over what's happening.
Per Larsson, developer and co-founder, explains: "As technology allows for more complex synths, the interfaces also tend to get more complex. Some take the easy way out and section information in ways like tabs and pages that moves it away from your fingertips. We've taken the bull by the horns and designed the whole synth in a way so that everything can be available on the screen all the time without things getting overwhelming."
Can a tiny development studio compete against the giants in a cutthroat industry? "We'd like to think so. We might lack marketing power yet, but we are strong where it matters. The name kiloHearts is not just a tongue-in-cheek play on words, but also a symbol for the love we have for for music, musicians and technology. We really do hope this love shines through in our products and maybe brings more than analog warmth to the industry," Anders sums up. About kiloHearts
kiloHearts is a newfounded branch from development studio Mode17 Development, focusing on development of software synthesizers. The company's mission is to help more people get their hands on professional quality synthesis that is easy to use, without compromising quality and power. Based in Linköping, Sweden, kiloHearts currently employs two people.
Pricing and Availability:
kHs ONE is available as digital download in AU and VST formats, 32 and 64-bit.
Introductory price: $49/€39 (normally $119/€99) More information:

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