First Project Produced on OP-1 Synth

Teenage Engineering's synth - makes some noise      12/08/11
First Project Produced on OP-1 Synth

I'm currently taking a look at the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth -we've got one in for review and I am having a lot of fun with it. The instrument is surprisingly deep and flexible and pretty compelling - are my first thoughts. I also introduced it on this week's Sonic TALK podcast (229) - there's a video  of the show here.

As ever, please hit me with any questions you want answered in the review via comments below or via Twitter @sonicnick.

While researching, I came across the unofficial OP-1 Forums : - worth a look for those either trying to get tips and trick on usage or research whether to buy one.

In fact, just posted there this very morning was news of a project made with the OP-1 by forum user Molotov under the name Duke Slammer.

So since buying my OP-1 (first post-beta batch) I've been posting up tunes here and there in this fine forum. I have found the OP-1 such an really inspiring box to work with, so much so I decided to make up a new project based solely around using the OP-1 as the main sequencer/recorder, replacing Ableton in this instance.


The album is all pretty much funk/beats/electro tracks and every track is recorded in album mode on the OP-1. Some of the sounds are from external synths like the minimoog, recorded in live as well as samples from vinyl.



Duke Slammer - Everybody Sweat - BONUSROUND012 (29/08/11) by Duke Slammer




Even more news...

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Henri    Said...

mmm I much prefer the Monomachine

12-Aug-11 01:40 PM

Sean Sax    Said...


12-Aug-11 02:22 PM

Henri    Said...

My question: is it possible to get tight / quantised timing ? Like a step sequencer would do? All the demos i heard have sloppy timing.

13-Aug-11 03:54 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Agreed. Every time I'm nearly seduced in to buying an OP-1 I hear a demo produced with the keyboard and the spell is broken. And "sloppy timing" isn't synonymous with "funky" and "groove".

13-Aug-11 01:27 PM

emperors new clothes    Said...

for the price of this you could buy an akai s2ooo and some synths and you could do it properly. Its a joke really!!!

17-Aug-11 10:54 AM

fox    Said...

yes, it has pattern sequencer, tombola sequencer and endless sequencer.

18-Aug-11 05:27 PM

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