New Keyboard Controller Offers Portable Playability

Avid announces New M-Audio ultra portable Keystation Mini 32 Keyboard Controller      24/08/11
New Keyboard Controller Offers Portable Playability

Avid has announced the availability of the new M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 ultra-portable keyboard controller, a 32-note, USB bus-powered keyboard controller designed for musicians on the go. Small enough to fit in a backpack, Avid say that this ultra-portable controller delivers unmatched playability in its class, with features including:
  • 32 low-profile mini-keys, enabling musicians to play two-handed parts
  • Highly musical velocity curves, allowing keyboard sensitivity customization to individual playing styles
  • 4 assignable controls, including a knob, providing real-time control of DAW and virtual instrument functions
  • USB bus-powered, plug-and-play connectivity including iPad compatibility (iPad Camera Connection Kit required; check specific apps to verify MIDI support)
Pricing and Availability:
Keystation Mini 32 is available from September in EMEA for £54.99 GBP / €63 EUR $99.95 MSRP in USA.
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:P    Said...

And the last one crosses the finish line ! Hurray another keyboard with horrible little keys !

24-Aug-11 08:31 PM

JoyJoy    Said...

I love mini keys but I need 4 octaves NOT 3. KORG microstation on the other hand is too deep to put in front of computer. I think we've had enough 3 octave keyboards now.

28-Aug-11 07:08 AM

Tambrey    Said...

For the love of God, keep wrintig these articles.

18-Sep-11 02:10 PM

Deliverance    Said...

Unbelievable how well-written and inofmrative this was.

19-Sep-11 10:06 PM

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