Deeper Editing For Kronos

Karma-Lab releases KARMA Software for the Korg Kronos      22/09/11

Deeper Editing For Kronos

Karma-Lab has released KARMA Kronos Software, a dedicated PC/Mac program for the Korg Kronos. Designed by KARMA Developer Stephen Kay, KARMA Kronos (KK) allows you to go deeper into the world of the KARMA algorithmic music function, in ways that are not possible on the Kronos alone. Stephen Kay told us that, whether you're creating sounds from scratch or using the factory sounds, KK's visual controls and graphical displays provide the ultimate insight and learning tool for anyone who wants to better understand the KARMA Function.
Rich Formidoni, Korg Technology Product Manager, had this to say, "Being able to create and edit your own GEs greatly expands the potential of KARMA within the Kronos Music Workstation, making KARMA Kronos a must-have accessory."
KK's main features include the ability to develop your own Generated Effects (GE's) for unlimited musical possibilities, or edit the factory GEs into new configurations. Import .MID files and grab phrases directly from the Kronos sequencer, and instantly turn them into GEs, with all real-time controls assigned for instant variability. Then, upload the new GE's to the Kronos's 1536 User GE locations and take them on the road.
KARMA Kronos also provides some additional features not found in the keyboard, such as 32 Scenes per Module per Performance (instead of 8), 16 Chord Trigger Buttons (Pads) per Performance instead of 8, the ability to give each Module and Scene a descriptive name, 6 individual KARMA Modules (instead of just 4), and more. These features cannot be imported into the Kronos, but are available while using the software. And for the truly adventurous, you can operate KK as an additional 6 modules at the same time as using the 4 modules of the internal KARMA Function in the Kronos, for up to 10 modules. Karma-Lab say that it's like having the KARMA of two and a half Kronos at once.
The program runs on Windows XP/Vista/Win7 and Mac OS X. And in keeping with Karma-Lab's usual policy, a discount on the purchase price is provided to previous customers who have purchased KARMA software for other keyboards in the past.
Pricing and Availability:
$169 More information:

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