MOTU MIDI Express XT Returns

8-in/8-out MIDI interface, patchbay, and merger with time code sync      28/09/11
MOTU MIDI Express XT Returns

MOTU tell us that they are once again shipping the MIDI Express XT, a 128-channel USB MIDI interface for Mac and Windows with plug-and-play USB connectivity to any computer, sub-millisecond MIDI timing accuracy, 8 separate MIDI inputs, 9 MIDI outputs, time code sync, a foot switch input, and MIDI processing features, including routing, merging, and muting.
Designed and engineered for both personal and professional use, the Express XT now includes support for 23.976 SMPTE time code and ships with completely updated ClockWorks software for Mac OS X and Windows 7/Vista. MOTU say that the MIDI Express XT can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:
  • Comprehensive MIDI connectivity for small, medium, and large recording studios
  • MIDI programming features for live performance
  • Time code synchronization for audio, video, and broadcast applications
  • Multi-output MIDI streaming for industrial applications such as robotics automation control systems
The MIDI Express XT supports Mac OS X (10.5 or later) and Windows 7/Vista.
Pricing and Availability:
The MIDI Express XT is now shipping. Price remains the same at $395. More information:

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Mattsynth    Said...

I currently use two of these units in my studio and I can tell you they are built like a tank and work great. Never had a problem with them for over 10 years. I wish all my equipment worked this well.

28-Sep-11 07:53 AM

here    Said...

It was about time

28-Sep-11 02:18 PM

DBM    Said...

A must for none computer based studios .

If you use a Mac or PC as your main hub though an old usb 1.1 hub a few 5$ usb to midi convertors class compliant (see amazon) and somthing like Midi Hub ( freeware on OSX ) do so much more for so little with no worries about drivers ....just saying

28-Sep-11 02:59 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

@Mattsynth, Are you the same Mattsynth from YouTube?

28-Sep-11 05:12 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

Yes, my entire studio runs on 2 Midi Express units, 12 synths in total.

29-Sep-11 08:40 AM

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