Still Time To Enter Our Theme Tune Competition

Compose a 20sec podcast themetune      07/10/11


 Sonic TALK Theme Tunes Entries by snick 


Regular listeners to the weekly Sonic TALK podcast may have noticed that we've been running a competition  - to compose a 20 secs (or less) theme for our show.

What started as a bit of fun,  has revealed just what a talented bunch our listeners are. The lucky winner will not only win a head torch worthy of dark stages and hidden studio corners everywhere (we never said we were anything but cheap), but be invited on the show to give us a run down on just how the them was created - all the tech nitty gritty.

Submissions should be no longer than 20 seconds, and contain no copyrighted material - we dont want no trouble right?

Submissions to be in by 20th October with the winner announced the following week.

To submit your entry, just pop it in the drop box below

Send me your sounds


Sonic TALK is a weekly panel discussion, featuring recognised industry professionals from the studio,programming, performing and software development areas. We record at 4pm UK every Wednesday. You can join us live - we stream video together with a live chatroom:


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Dave C    Said...

Waaaa... I don't see my entry yet... You don't like it? {sniff}

14-Oct-11 11:06 AM

Nick B    Said...

I put it online this AM - its number 20 innit?

14-Oct-11 12:19 PM

Dave C    Said...

Nope - looks as though I had to sign out of soundcloud and post my entry with an email address that the system doesn't know. It says you got it now... ;)

14-Oct-11 04:02 PM

Dave C    Said...

but perhaps soundcloud lied?

17-Oct-11 06:50 PM

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