Animmoog vs Little Phatty vs Minimoog V

Interesting comparison      25/10/11

This one comes in via 66Pbass. A nicely matched demonstration of patches aimed at emulating the Moog Taurus pedal sound- the results are quite surprising. Are we now at the stage where emulations are really indistinguishable from the physical object?

In his own words:

Animoog Taurus bass impression, compared with "Taurus" presets from the Moog Little Phatty, and Arturia Minimoog V. $1 vs. $1300 vs. $200.

First thing I worked on with the Moog Animoog iPad app, was programming a passable Taurus-type bass sound(two saws, octave apart, detuned slightly). There is mojo coming from both the Little Phatty and Arturia Minimoog that I couldn't capture, but I feel like this'll do a pretty good job in a pinch.

Check out the full notes for the session HERE


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Tim Lloydsmith    Said...

Very interesting indeed. I love the Animoog app but find the Ipad sound quality is nowhere near that of my synth hardware - it always sounds compressed even via the camera connection kit & into a decent mixer - how are you getting around this? Not just a DAC issue but the iPad's processing limitations/sample rate must surely be affecting exported digital files? No-one ever seems to mention this aspect!

25-Oct-11 10:51 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

They all sound great but as a musician I like to play a real instrument with keys and knobs. An instrument should be the connecting link to your expression and feelings. I do not get that using an iPad. To me the Phatty is the clear winner by a long stretch. Just imagine what John Coltran would of sounded like playing a sax on a iPad.

25-Oct-11 12:31 PM

Subsonix    Said...

Can you do anything else on the iPad while the app is running?

25-Oct-11 01:37 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

To my ears, the Phatty has more "up front-ness" than the emulations.

25-Oct-11 02:39 PM

CR78    Said...

Animoog and Mini V are much closer.

The Little Tubster has more harmonics/frequency range going on IM(NS)HO. ;)

25-Oct-11 03:31 PM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

the animoog sounds more real then any of the others. I am blown away!

25-Oct-11 07:41 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

The Animoog cost me 10 bucks. For that price I don't care if it sounds or plays exactly like a Phatty. Its close enough & I can easily grab my iPad and play it when I'm in the car waiting for the wife...

25-Oct-11 10:59 PM

dan    Said...

ipads only cost $1?

26-Oct-11 06:49 PM

Koshdukai    Said...

Moog's Animoog for the iPad only costs $0.99 / 0.79€ (for those asking).

Animoog has the advantage of only having to emulate the filter because there's really no OSC emulation happening, since the wave generation is done through a special kind of samples from the "real thing".

Nonetheless, it's still impressive the sound one gets from Animoog and how close that Filter emulation is.

I'm also glad to see how close Arturia's Minimoog V is to the real thing (since... I own that one too)

27-Oct-11 06:33 AM

Woo    Said...

"The Animoog cost me 10 bucks"

Really? You must have bought 10 of them then.

27-Oct-11 02:58 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Just my ears but:

Animmoog sounded a little 'dull' Minimoog V sounded a little 'digital' Little Phatty sounded just about right.

Its not porridge but in a blind test that's the one I would have chosen, all said and done its what you want and how much you want to spend

28-Oct-11 01:46 AM

eXode    Said...

I thought the LP had more punch than either of the softsynths, could be a envelope thing. The pleasant surprise imho was how close the filters sound to each other. Very cool.

31-Oct-11 05:54 PM

Chris    Said...

I run the Animoog out of an iPhone into an Apogee Duet, then into Logic, and I swear it is way more tactile and fun to play with than any of the Logic Pro Instruments. And the sounds, to my ears, and used for pads, are STUNNING...

13-Aug-12 07:15 PM

gridsleep    Said...

Looks like 66Pbass's Youtube account is gone. Anyone know what happened? Or if there's another copy of this video? I've looked high and low but I can't find another video anywhere directly comparing a Minimoog with the Mini V. It's almost like...someone doesn't want us to find out...

29-Aug-14 06:19 PM

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