The iPad Show Pilot V2.0

The mighty ThumbJam, Yamaha Set List Organizer and more      23/11/11

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Gaz Williams -
Nick Batt - editor

Thanks to all of you who watched and commented on our first attempt at this show. We hope we’ve learned a few things from that and would like to present episode 2!

Firstly, we’re looking for a snappy name for the show iPap Show Pilot Version 2.0 - doesn’t quite do it for me, suggestions welcome!

This week we summarize hardware MIDI options for your iOS device, Nick takes a look at Yamaha’s Set List Organizer app, and Gaz gives us some highlights of ThumbJam which has just had a massive update.

We look forward to your comments.

Apple Camera Connection Kit
Alternative USB kit
Dock Extender
Line6 MIDI Mobilizer
Yamaha i-MX1

Featured Apps (iTunes Links):
Accordéon   £1.49
Set List Organizer  £2.49
Keyboard Arp & Drum Pads £2.49
ThumbJam  £.499



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kuf    Said...

cant believe you guys not ever mentioning Konkreet Performer!!! thats the reson i bought my ipad for and it just rocks my life

23-Nov-11 08:29 AM

kuf    Said...

great show though ;) keep on

23-Nov-11 08:31 AM

Kaleb    Said...

Nick and Gaz's Pad Party! That's the title!

23-Nov-11 06:44 PM

Dave    Said...

GREAT show chaps! Really enjoyed that! Please keep them coming.

'iPap Show' (Sorry Nick - I had to!) Could be a cool name tho :)

Looking forward to the next episode!

23-Nov-11 07:31 PM

E3L    Said...

Good job guys, thanks from the US :D

23-Nov-11 07:43 PM

Tnml    Said...


23-Nov-11 07:59 PM

DBM    Said...

@ Gaz

ThumbJam's Pitch to Midi : will it work with an input on an audio i/O box hooked up through the CCK ? For example a guitar to midi synth ?!?

Also is P2M mono or polyphonic ?

23-Nov-11 11:32 PM

DBM    Said...

Mobile Music Musings

23-Nov-11 11:37 PM

KiwiSteve    Said...

I suggest the Bill And Ben SHow (AKA Flowerpot men LOL)

23-Nov-11 11:58 PM

Stu AussieLogic    Said...

Padtastic with Nick and Gaz

24-Nov-11 03:28 AM

Stu AussieLogic or AussieFan    Said...

pad ponderings

24-Nov-11 03:31 AM

Stu AussieLogic or AussieFan    Said...

pad ponderings

24-Nov-11 03:33 AM

Leslie    Said...

It is ironic that show about iPad requires flash to view it... What happened to good all HTML 5 or QuickTime option?! Very disappointing indeed.. :(

24-Nov-11 06:51 AM

Andrew    Said...

"MobileState Talk" - how about that for show name?

24-Nov-11 07:31 AM

Tandori-On    Said...


Great show BTW.

24-Nov-11 07:49 AM

Paddington    Said...

Two thumbs up!

Gaz Batt Apps Sonic State iPad Update Gaz n' Batt's Pad

24-Nov-11 09:48 AM

Dan    Said...


24-Nov-11 10:53 AM

Thumpsquid    Said...

Every week you should start by turning to your esteemed co-presenter and say "Gaz, Commence iPad." That should be enough to get gaz talking for the next 2 hours, possibly without breathing. Ps, Get him to bring his band Rocketgoldstar on, I bet they could do a complete live set just on iPads.

24-Nov-11 05:41 PM

Woh    Said...

Why does mine say no flash plug in.

25-Nov-11 02:41 AM

Graham Woolley    Said...


All I can say is wow!!

25-Nov-11 09:36 AM

Dane    Said...

How about calling it "Hits on the Pad", although that sounds a lot like a naff cricket show. I'll get my coat...

25-Nov-11 05:45 PM

Benedict J    Said...

I agree with "Pad Party"

Great show! I'll look forward to future episodes

25-Nov-11 10:06 PM

RedWalks    Said...

my suggestion : Pad Pod Pro - Hands on !

26-Nov-11 09:05 AM

Yuto    Said...

IPad therefore I am...

26-Nov-11 06:15 PM

david    Said...

Oh nice, another episode of "Touch Tunes". Nice. :) I love to have you guys digging deeper into midi and background audio and even internal midi syncs and all.

26-Nov-11 06:58 PM

jim voos    Said...

This one absolutely blew my mind! So much exciting stuff you can do if you are not a traditional musician. The wireless midi stuff is unbelivable

the iPad music show would be my choice!

28-Nov-11 06:07 AM

5StarNomad    Said...

Great show - next time I hope you cover the basics of the audio side of things. Title: +1 on "Sonicstate Pad Party".

28-Nov-11 04:42 PM

Tim Lloydsmith    Said...

Sonic Slate?

Great stuff as usual guys!!

29-Nov-11 10:22 AM

Alan    Said...

Here are some ideas for names:

• iPadagio • iPadBytes • iPadBeats • iPadRocks • TapTheTablet • iPadProduction • TabletStudio

01-Dec-11 09:37 AM

wil    Said...


thanks!Looking forward to the next show. wil in indiana

02-Dec-11 08:21 AM

Scott    Said...

Great show, apptly done! Show title...App Slap!

02-Dec-11 02:40 PM

PasiK    Said...

Great show, I'm going to be boring and suggest SonicPad or SonicApp as you obviously cover all things sonically exiting.

02-Dec-11 07:30 PM

Tim Lloydsmith    Said...

In a similar vein to Gas Station.. But as its the inimitable Sonic TV perhaps 'Pad Station' would be cool.

02-Dec-11 10:17 PM

Graham Spice    Said...

Excellent show this time, even better than the last. I purchased Thumbjam during the first 3 mins of the review. Good sales job. :)

How about "Nomadic Tech" or "Nomadic Musician" or something like that?

"Apps of the nomad"

pretty dramatic, eh? :)

Keep it up!

03-Jan-12 04:36 PM

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