WNAMM12: More On the Nord Drum Synth

Official teaser video shows off sounds      18/01/12

People have been speculating on what this new Nord Drum will offer, and Nord have released a short sounds demo - in the stylish way that only Scandavians seem to be able to.


More info soon - we will be meeting in a quiet hotel suite for some quality time.





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Name    Said...

Interesting, I thought Nord or rather Clavia had given up on the drum products since selling off the ddrum line. Looking forward to seeing a review or detailed overview soon! :)

18-Jan-12 06:54 PM

al    Said...

Let the gear lust begin!

I was hoping for Modular 3 but this is nice...

18-Jan-12 07:49 PM

Rp    Said...

I dunno, found the teaser a bit of an anti-climax. NI seem to put out performance vids that really showcase their equipment in the hands of a pro, this seemed a bit limp by comparison. Oh well, the gear is more important than the advert i guess

18-Jan-12 09:24 PM

Gustavo    Said...

What a letdown. When I first heard of it, I was hoping for something that would rival the Tempest - lots of knobs, Nord synthesis, and a decent, accessible sequencer. Instead - you get a crappy 90s one knob interface, a mono out, and it costs more than the entry level Alesis or Roland kits - which while not "analog emulation" have lots of decent sounds. I'm glad I still have a couple Nord Modulars around - I'll just roll my own version. :)

18-Jan-12 11:59 PM

minijack    Said...

I thought for sure he was playing the Neptunes beat for Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like Its Hot" at the start. Sounds nice but for how powerful it is I agree that the one knob interface and mono audio out is disappointing.

19-Jan-12 11:36 AM

MD    Said...

Nothing I can't do with my G2 Modular. I too was expecting something with more knobs and a sequencer. Nothing new here. A let down for me.

19-Jan-12 12:44 PM

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