WNAMM12: Casio XW-P1 Up Close

We take a look at the new machine      21/01/12

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A lot of buzz around  the XW-P1 - the first Casio synth release for 20 years.

I'll let product specialist Mike Martin take you through the details, as its the end of the day and we're off to the bar...





Rich Beech



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Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool products!

21-Jan-12 10:31 PM

Peter K.    Said...

It IS cool. A unique approach can never be a bad thing. I look forward to checking them out soon!

21-Jan-12 11:14 PM

selercs    Said...

interesting products..priced right, so musicians can buy both for the price of a single synth from a competitor. However, Casio seems to have compromised on external chassis quality. The CZs had really quality looking exterior compared to this.

Also, nothing has been mentioned about computer integration. I am assuming there is no audio interface or sound editor.

Hope Casio ups the game in these regards.

Still, GREAT MOVE BY CASIO! Its about time!

21-Jan-12 11:19 PM

Woo    Said...

Seems very useful for gigging at parties, for beginners, etc. It sets a standard for ROMplers at this US $500 price-point. Much more bang for the buck than something like the MOX6, which I know you liked.

21-Jan-12 11:56 PM

Mike Martin    Said...

There will be a Mac/PC editor for both products.

22-Jan-12 01:25 AM

steve gilbert    Said...

looks and sounds pretty full featured and yet another great review/demo with nick asking all the right questions..spot on chap!

22-Jan-12 01:25 AM

steve gilbert    Said...

looks and sounds pretty full featured and yet another great review/demo with nick asking all the right questions..spot on chap!

22-Jan-12 01:27 AM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

It's wierd, we all slagged off the JP80 a year ago (including me) and we love this new Casio (including me). It looks and sounds great and the price is really appealing for all sorts of reasons, well done Casio. I love the commitment in the video to 'this is just the beginning', I wonder what's around the corner and they do seem to recognise the interest in PD.

22-Jan-12 06:14 AM

Midi boy    Said...

The slider control for the oscilators, is going right back to the early roland gear.It is great to see and rather sad also that such basic sound shaping seem's to be surfacing again( Arturia mini brute)Just need a rack version laden with knobs now!!! Casio seem to hold a place in peoples hearts.Was that cause back in the eighties they put poly synths within the reach of the ordinary person.They might not have been perfect , but they where bloody good synths for the money. These look like this decades CZ's.

22-Jan-12 07:10 AM

bas    Said...

Much better than anticipated! From what i can judge from the video it sounds really analogishy warm. Stepseq. is cool, would be nice if you control external drumstuff with that as well.

22-Jan-12 07:23 AM

juicy audio    Said...

love it...thank god the old warhorses have had a stab at something new. This and the arturia are the best things ive seen/heard so far...tasty, cheap ( compared to days of yore) and sticks to the new paradigm ive kind of noticed, which is "if its about 599 £, $ or euro, its got a better chance of selling" . well done to casio...keep it coming!

22-Jan-12 09:11 AM

hiltonius    Said...

dyslexics of the world, untie!

22-Jan-12 09:34 AM

selercs    Said...

thanks Mike for the reply! Editor sounds good. What is the ROM? More demo of bread/butter sounds? Guitar arps? etc.

The analog synth sounds pretty good I must say.

The step sequencer in this is similar to grooveboxes by Roland and Yamaha: I know a lot of Yamaha customers requested this type of grid sequencing in their Motifs and Yamaha never fulfilled that dream! Shame!

Also, Juicy, don't forget the Waldorf's Pulse 2, amazing analog-digital hybrid synth.

Ironically, only disappointment this NAMM is from the 'big 3' YRK.

22-Jan-12 09:47 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Like it a LOT. Well done Casio - a truly useful, great sounding, performance synth.

Looking forward to acquiring one.

22-Jan-12 09:48 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I still have and love my trusty CZ-1. I know the chassis looks cheap and plasticky (the CZ is plastic too) but I bet it'll weigh very little. Just get a case and you're fine for gigs.

22-Jan-12 11:33 AM

shaneking    Said...

This looks like a really nice piece of gear. This combined with an iPad could be a fantastic live performance rig. Being able to route external audio into the filter is a nice touch.

And it is $3000 less than that Roland.

22-Jan-12 01:48 PM

Gustavo    Said...

I got to say that I wasn´t expecting something THAT good and feature rich for such a low price. Indeed a great keyboard for begginers and for those looking for a simple but good enough practice keyboard.

22-Jan-12 02:14 PM

robgs    Said...

Great sounding synths, they actually seem more appealing than anything Roland have put out in ages, and I can't believe it's been twenty years since their last offering- now I really feel old!

22-Jan-12 02:39 PM

Tak    Said...

This has become an obsession for me at an alarming pace. I hope it gets released soon or I will become a gas giant.

23-Jan-12 01:39 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

I could definitely see having one of these for gigging, I always liked the drawbar organ features of the consumer Casios, adding the synth functions to it seals the deal.

23-Jan-12 06:48 AM

Andrew    Said...

That looks plasticky and cheap to me. Hope the production models don't look the same. Overall not really that impressed.

24-Jan-12 02:08 PM

Casimir's Blake    Said...

One small disappointment: For the G1 variant, there is no mention of chromatic sampling. It would be nice if the solo synth part could play imported samples chromatically, and go through the solo synth architecture...

24-Jan-12 03:41 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

Looks interesting. Why no report on the Studiologic Sledge synth?

27-Jan-12 06:48 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

Looks interesting. Why no report on the Studiologic Sledge synth?

27-Jan-12 06:49 PM

timmybuk2    Said...

Nick, I would love to see a review of this in sonic lab!

18-Jan-13 12:17 AM

Gerald    Said...

I haven't bought a Casio keyboard since I was a child. It may be time to buy another.

15-Mar-13 07:05 PM

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