WNAMM12: Akai MPC Renaisance Closer Look

The workflow and features      23/01/12

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The flagship of the new MPC's from Akai the MPC Renaisance gives you the full MPC experience right from the MPC 60 with 12-bit audio mode to the latest models.

Somewhat akin to the Maschine experience, you can combine your MPC workflow with the processing and plug-ins of your computer setup.







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Andrew    Said...

You get the impression this guy has been told he's not allowed to say "maschine" or "Native Instruments". I also get the feeling that Akai were badly wrong-footed and left behind when Maschine came out. Interesting they have now basically abandoned the hardware concept of the MPC and gone for software puls a controller. But it's twice the price of Maschine!!

23-Jan-12 02:54 PM

ALANKARA    Said...


23-Jan-12 04:17 PM

ByTor    Said...

Before I read Andrew's comments, I was going to say "It's amazing how many times he doesn't say Maschine" and if I didn't know any better I would think that the look and feel of the software was indeed modeled after it.

Having said that, I suppose that Maschine was modeled after everything known to date + all of the ways that they were able to innovate (over time).

But it's to late, sorry Akai. You'll sell some but NI put the power of Maschine in the hands of tens of thousands and are looking at you in the rear view mirror.

24-Jan-12 01:01 PM

Brian from USA    Said...

OK, it does have audio/MIDI interfacing but it's twice as expensive as Machine and many users work ITB and don't need the interfacing. Will MPC loyalty will be enough to make this successful.

24-Jan-12 04:38 PM

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