WNAMM12: MacBeth MicroMac

And a Dot Com format synth too      23/01/12

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8:50 mins

We caught up with Ken MacBeth from MacBeth Studio Systemsfor a look at his new machines - coming real soon. Ken makes some awesome synthesizers and is exploring the desktop format with his new MicroMac and dot com format machines.

The new Dot Com format synth has a realy cool dual glide feature and features a normalized signal path with full patching too.





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Derek    Said...

2012: the year of awesome small analog monosynths. o/

23-Jan-12 11:31 AM

Derek    Said...

Video seems to die at 5m18s. :-(

Great job with all the coverage, though! Thoroughly enjoying it. :)

23-Jan-12 11:54 AM

CR78    Said...

Yeah, bummer. Video hits the wall just when Ken is about throw the shifter into 6th gear.

23-Jan-12 12:40 PM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

5;21 in and video halts just as he was getting to the Vortex.


23-Jan-12 12:49 PM

Bernard AKA BBBBB    Said...

Guys, looks OK to me, I get the full 8min 50secs

Try again and hit pause if the feed bar is running slower than the play icon to give it a chance to load without you getting glitches

Guess this means you missed the promo code for a free synth by the dead line.. oh well ;-)

23-Jan-12 03:41 PM

hogberto    Said...

vid's working now. nice pair of synths. yeah, good NAMM for analog.

23-Jan-12 03:47 PM

Marc    Said...

Fantastic stuff!

24-Jan-12 01:42 PM

Andrew    Said...

Ken Macbeth is awesome and so are his synths. I'll take one of each thanks!

24-Jan-12 02:05 PM

juicy audio    Said...

micromac...want want want!

25-Jan-12 08:56 AM

juicy audio    Said...

vortex...yes please!

25-Jan-12 09:00 AM

Woo    Said...

FYI the iOS version of the video won't play

26-Jan-12 09:33 PM

poti    Said...

Micromac-R unfortunately is not the greatest piece of hardware made by Ken.

Lots of problems with tuning and tracking :(

29-Sep-13 08:05 AM

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