MESSE12: New Roland Jupiter

Jupiter-50 performance synth unveiled in Frankfurt      21/03/12
MESSE12: New Roland Jupiter

Roland has announced the JUPITER-50 Synthesizer, the second release in its contemporary generation of JUPITER-series keyboards. They tell us that, inheriting the stunning sounds and Live Set architecture of the acclaimed JUPITER-80, four separate sound engines can be stacked together to create classic fat synth tones and massive voices and that the lightweight, streamlined design also makes it an essential keyboard for players everywhere. Here's the lowdown in Roland's own words...
Inside, the JUPITER-50 is equipped with a sound engine that is the sonic equal of its big brother, containing all of the SuperNATURAL synthesizer and acoustic tones found in the JUPITER-80. Users can even import JUPITER-80 sound data into the JUPITER-50 or utilize powerful onboard multi-effects and reverb for studio-quality sound processing.
Roland released the JUPITER-80 in 2011, reviving one of the most revered names in synthesizer history and simultaneously ushering in a new era of synthesis innovation. Powered by the SuperNATURAL® Sounds and groundbreaking Behavior Modeling technology, the JUPITER-80 has received universal praise from professionals around the world for its extraordinary sound and expressive, organic realism when emulating acoustic instruments.
With the JUPITER-50, Roland brings this state-of-the-art technology to a slim, light, and portable instrument designed for live performance. It features a 76-note weighted keyboard, with a well-organized user interface that's intuitive to navigate while performing. The color-coded front panel and Registration function makes it extremely simple to find, create, and save sounds in the heat of music making.
A convenient USB Song Player/Recorder lets users play backing tracks and record performances via convenient USB flash media. The JUPITER-50 also functions as a USB audio/MIDI interface, making it easy to integrate the synth with any popular computer music software. Cakewalk's SONAR LE DAW is included, as well as the JUPITER-50 Control Surface plug-in, which gives the ability to control SONAR from JUPITER-50.
Pricing and Availability:
The JUPITER-50 will be available in late spring. At the same time, a Version 2 update for the flagship JUPITER-80 will be released. More information:

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PorkyPine    Said...

No aftertouch?

Any idea of the price? Is this the new Juno?

21-Mar-12 05:12 AM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

Oh dear

21-Mar-12 06:57 AM

Sir Synth    Said...

Awsome... Couldn't afford the Jupiter-80 so this is perfect! Come to daddy!

21-Mar-12 07:27 AM

xyzzy    Said...

Groovebox alert: "contemporary"

Boring alert: words "analog modelling" not detected

21-Mar-12 08:40 AM

speelycaptor    Said...

i have the feeling that Frankfurt will be all about spinn-offs and IOs accessories this year. Hope that someone can prove me wrong though

21-Mar-12 09:18 AM

Dr. Feelgood    Said...

Wow, I just checked out the demo and I have to say that the Jupiter 50 sounds terrible. From what I can hear even my JD-990 sounds better than the Jup 50 presets. The sound is very thin and digital. Color me unimpressed. What a shame that Roland has to taint the JP-8 legend in this way!

21-Mar-12 12:58 PM

frb    Said...

Nord Lead 2X is the best VA in the world, forget jupiters ans saturns !!

21-Mar-12 02:28 PM

nobody    Said...

played it, hate it.

21-Mar-12 05:36 PM

eightysboy    Said...

one mistake of a failed synth (Jupiter 80) wasnt enough they had to repeat the mistake. i hope these "fake" jupiter synths drive them broke. already the Jupiter 80 is selling for peanuts on ebay. no-one wants them, those that brought them feel ripped off.


22-Mar-12 12:08 AM

Dr. Feelgood    Said...

THAT is a very good idea: re-releasing the Jupiter 8. A JP-8 with modern-day circuitry and reliability? That would be worth at least $2-3K to me and I would buy that gladly.

22-Mar-12 06:06 PM

Dr. Feelgood    Said...

Even the Roland Groove Boxes sound better than this thing does.. I'm amazed!

22-Mar-12 06:07 PM

Jesonf    Said...

Looks more like roland put a JP80 into a juno stage!!!

23-Mar-12 07:03 PM

Synth    Said...

I don't like this at all! Sounds very thin and harsh. Even the piano sounds like a Casio. I watched a video in which keyboard magazine says that it can imitate any sound that the Jupiter 8 can do and I beg to differ. I am even more disappointed in this spin off than I am in the Jupiter 80. I have played the JP80 and though it has some cool sounds, it is not worth more than $1,000.00. I wish that Roland would just reissue the original JP8. Luckily I own a JP8. I grabbed one before the price goes north of 10k, and as long as Roland keeps producing crap like this, the original Jupiter will continue to climb.

27-Mar-12 01:31 PM


This is my Jupiter 8. The new Jupiters sound nothing like this. The Jupiter 8 and other analogs sound alive, even with outboard effects on them.

27-Mar-12 03:12 PM

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