Interview: Suzy Condrad Loop Artist

Songs constructed on the fly      30/04/12

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Suzy Condrad’s tag line from her website ( is “Live Looping Beatbox Pop” and I’d say that was a pretty good description, during the edit of her performance and interview we shot here at our studio, it’s been a struggle to banish her earworms born from the melodies she constructed using the Boss RC-300 loopstation.

This technology is an enabler for her unique style of song based, live loop construction. Using primarily her voice, plus an array of other instruments and props, she can weave a tune out of nowhere. Of course, this is a massive oversimplification of what is actually going on - the technical choreography and musical agility is quite something to watch.

Earlier this year, Suzy was crowned Boss UK Loop Champion and from there was invited to attend the International Loop Championships held at Musik Messe in March.
Based in Bristol UK, its a short hop to our new studio, where she performed “Deserve The Rain” and “Blood on The  Bathroom Floor” , as well as giving us an insight into how its her music is constructed.

Gear Used:
Boss RC-300 Loopstation
Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects
Novation XIO Synth
Yamaha PSS-30 (discontinued)
Sure SM58
Recorded into
Edirol R-4 4-Channel Recorder
Processed with
iZotope Alloy for EQ, multiband compression



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Spider_Dan    Said...

That was freaking amazing!

30-Apr-12 10:00 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Her music isn't my cup of tea, but her performance + technique is truly impressive! Some serious skills/talent there to do what she's doing - that was really cool to watch.

30-Apr-12 11:04 AM

Eric    Said...

Thanks Nick for this video. It's really inspiring.

I wish Suzy Condrad a wonderful career. She deserves it.

30-Apr-12 05:23 PM

al_bot    Said...

I'm in luv.

30-Apr-12 07:23 PM

Pierre M.    Said...

Impressive! I wonder, though, how do you get out of a "bad loop"? Things can't always go perfectly when performing live, how can you recover if you made a bad move at some point in the performance, with this setup? It must be nerve-wrecking to let the music flow and think of all you have to do at the same time!! Hats off to her, really.

30-Apr-12 09:20 PM

rezazel    Said...


01-May-12 04:41 AM

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