Jordan Rudess And His Singing Synth

Watch the vid...      15/06/12
Keyboard wizard, Jordan Rudess, creates a singing synth with the Stereo Talking Machine Vocal Formant Filter from Electro-Harmonix.
Jordan said, "After three days of experimentation, I was finally able to make my keyboard sing!"
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Paul    Said...

Three days? It only takes me three seconds to get a better vocal sound by loading a choir sample into Kontakt.

15-Jun-12 12:52 AM

mattsynth    Said...

It sounds like someone singing through a tolet paper roll. Try East West Voices of Passion.

15-Jun-12 07:55 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Paul said: "Three days? It only takes me three seconds to get a better vocal sound by loading a choir sample into Kontakt."

I agree. It took Paul McCartney months to write 'Yesterday' but took me only a few minutes to find the chords in a songbook.

The tonality of Jordan's patch is reminiscent of the eerie electronic vocals Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind created in the late 60s. Yeah, it's not the realistic choir samples someone else labored to create but the synthesized vocal has a great deal of character. And if realistic had been Jordan's goal, I'm sure he knows more than a few world-class singers and could have rolled his own choir sample.

15-Jun-12 09:14 AM

Paul    Said...


I was being facetious. :) I agree completely.

15-Jun-12 10:37 AM

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