Hardware Synth Gains New Filter Module

Arturia adds SEM Filter module and more to Origin V1.4 firmware      28/06/12
Hardware Synth Gains New Filter Module

Arturia has announced availability of the latest V1.4 firmware update for both the keyboard and desktop versions of its Origin hardware synthesizer. Origin's V1.4 firmware update introduces a range of new modules and features that further expand the sonic scope of this already versatile synthesizer while enriching the user experience. Here's what Arturia has to say...
Origin uniquely houses several synth classics and associated components in one powerful, no-holds, barred DSP-based modular system. Now its V1.4 firmware allows users to 'mix and match' even more modules by introducing a True Analogue Emulation (TAE®) of the Oberheim SEM filter found on the legendary Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module® (or SEM for short). The new SEMFilter module considerably widens Origin's sound palette thanks to its ability to continuously sweep from LP to Notch and HP modes -- just like Oberheim's original. (Upon its introduction in 1974, the SEM was originally conceived as a way of beefing up weaker-sounding compatible analogue synths, or performing simplistic sequenced parts, before becoming a sought-after sound in its own right.)
Inspired by Oberheim's monstrous Seventies-vintage 8-Voice 'super-synth' (featuring a SEM per voice) -- bravely put to use on record and onstage by the likes of Canadian power rock trio Rush and American jazz maestro Chick Corea, Origin's new VoiceModulator module allows users to connect eight modulation outputs to any input within a patch, making the creation of sophisticated sequences a breeze!
And that's not all. Origin's new MULTIFX mode introduces routings with two inserts per channel, two auxiliaries, and two master buses -- perfect for achieving a professional mix of Multi presets involving several synths!
Rounding off the V1.4 firmware update, there are now two additional values for the ToneWheel percussion mode, making the Origin an even more expressive performance instrument than ever before. Expanded sonic scope duly delivered.
Pricing and Availability:
All new keyboard (€2,290.00 EURO/$3,499.00 USD) and desktop (€2,490.00 EURO/ $3,200.00 USD) Origins come complete with the V1.4 firmware already installed. Registered Origin users can download the free firmware upgrade from the Arturia website. More information:


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Peter K.    Said...

Cool!! A nice upgrade indeed!

28-Jun-12 08:35 AM

mattsynth    Said...

Has anyone else had trouble with there Origin like I experienced. Very buggy software, bad encoders, loud pop when turned on. I have returned one a year ago for these problems but loved the design, sound and idea of this synth. I thought I would try another one at a future date when these problems were addressed.

28-Jun-12 09:50 AM

Dav    Said...

I've played on an Origin in a store and was impressed with the sound. It is let down though by it's plastic controls and high price.

14-Aug-12 09:17 AM

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