Korg Polysix on Miselu Neiro Android Platform

Android is getting closer as viable audio OS      03/07/12

This video was taken by Engadget from the recent Google IO developers conference, where various apps that run under Google's Android OS were showcased. The Miselu Neiro a dedicated music app hardware platform (still in prototype) runs Android and Korg have developed a port of their Polysix soft synth to run on that.
Yet another step towards a competing platform to Apple’s iOS is welcome and with recent developments in the Android 4.1 OS, which tackle the audio latency that has been an issue previously,  we hope to see more of this kind of thing.

With Korg being keen to adopt a new platform - think the iMS20 and iElectribe amongst the first decent instruments availble  in iOS, we hope that this is the start of great things.
But Korg do say:

*Polysix for neiro was developed by Korg to offer an example of what is possible on the Miselu neiro. There are no plans to make it available commercially at this time.


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Koshdukai    Said...

"velocity and pressure-sensitive keyboard" well... if this thing also works as an ASIO audio USB interface for my laptop, to me, it's a TE OP-1 killer (if it doesn't crashes)

03-Jul-12 01:01 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

The problem is - everything that Google develop (other than their search engine) feels like beta software. Saying this is 'another step' just doesn't cut it. That's increasingly Google's mantra and people are loosing faith with the next thing they develop that kind-off works, and then is dropped by Google anyway. If music is to work on Android, it needs to be seen as a priority to google to sort all OS issues, lock-stock and barrel - now. I'm no Apple fan-boy but their platforms works, period, hence the plethora of development. Google should be there already - but they are not. IMO - there's no central ethos towards simplicity in design and connectivity with real world living (but doing it in innovative and productive new ways) that permeates Apple's offerings. Google need to sort that out bu IMO simply won't. Android will seem like in beta test phase for musicians for a long time to come.

03-Jul-12 06:57 PM

Leslie    Said...

OK, so why there is NOT a single app demonstrated on of the shelf Android tablet..? Sorry to say, but Google platform for music is dead and buried... :(

03-Jul-12 09:06 PM

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