SNAMM12: Korg Announces Kronos X

Music Workstation features more memory and enhanced sampler functionality      12/07/12
SNAMM12: Korg Announces Kronos X

Korg USA has announced the arrival of the Kronos X Music Workstation. Since the debut of the original Kronos music workstation in early 2011, Korg has continued to release system updates and additional Sound Libraries. Now, the Kronos family has expanded with the new Kronos X, which features hardware technology enhancements, including a boost in the internal memory capacity and the size of its SSD, plus enhanced sampler functionality.
The Kronos X doubles the PCM RAM capacity to approximately 2GB and the SSD capacity to 62GB, enabling musicians to take full advantage of all the Kronos Sound Libraries. In addition, Kronos X contains Korg's EXs 10-13 expansion sample series of Kronos Sound Libraries pre-installed in its demo mode. Users can obtain full versions, plus additional Sound Libraries, by simply purchasing a license key from the Web Shop.
Along with Kronos X, Korg announces Kronos OS v2.0, coming soon for all Kronos and Kronos X models. For models that do not already have OS v2.0 installed (visible during boot), users can download it for free, then easily install it via USB.
New to OS v2.0 are user Sample Banks for creating high-capacity, custom sample libraries. Players can load and play many gigabytes of their custom or converted samples at once, using the internal Kronos SSD. Improved disk and memory enable the creation of User Sample Bank subsets, as well as mixing and matching parts from different banks, without duplicating samples on disk. Programs, Wave Sequences, and Drum Kits maintain links to the User Sample Banks even when samples are moved on disk or loaded onto a different Kronos instrument, making it easy to share sounds with friends and collaborators. Players can also create their own samples or import Akai and SoundFont 2.0 libraries using new, improved conversion features. Additional Kronos System Version 2.0 Highlights
  • A second internal SSD can be added to support massive sound library expansions, including Korg and third-party Sound Libraries
  • USB Ethernet support enables high-speed data communication between Kronos and a computer
Pricing and Availability:
The Kronos X Music Workstation will be available Q3 2012, with U.S. street prices as follows: 61-key: $3199; 73-key: $3699; 88-key: $3999. More information:

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Benedict Johnson    Said...

Korg, you rascal! You're going the wrong way!

Shouldn't they be trickling down their flagship technology into budget-priced micro-key devices, rather than making their big stuff bigger?

No one can second guess Korg any more. Whatever next? Another MicroKorg with no tap-tempo? An SV-1 with grotesque tube distortion? A polysynth a with knobs and sliders like the Roland Gaia? A Monotron with a real keys like what people actually want?

12-Jul-12 11:57 AM

2 Cents    Said...

I don't understand , Why release a new flagship workstation only a year after the original , isn't this going to infuriate current Kronos owners , being that the resell value will most likely fall dramatically only after 1 year. What if you just got a Kronos a few weeks ago and now have the old version of a flagship so soon . Maybe this is some marketing by Korg that I just don/t understand but I have never seen this done so soon to a flagship product. My 2 cents .

12-Jul-12 12:11 PM

mattsynth    Said...

This is the right step to go if you ask me. Make your product better and better every year. Next will be the Kronos XL, and why not? Keep moving ahead not backwards like the little toy boxes Korg has been putting out for the kids. Don't get me wrong those toys have a place and a purpose also but real musicians need tools not toys and the Kronos line is a big winner both in the studio and on stage.

12-Jul-12 12:26 PM

Sam Mallery    Said...

I think a lot of it has to do with the SSD nature of this instrument. If the costs of SSD and RAM come down and you can make the product better, why not update every year?

12-Jul-12 01:30 PM

hwoodj20    Said...

Dear Kronos owners, U MAD? signed KORG USA Wait I own a Kronos....

12-Jul-12 01:39 PM

BillR    Said...

Maybe we should ask if cuurent owners can upgrade theirs to the new specs.

12-Jul-12 04:54 PM

Skybolt540    Said...

Have they fixed the keybed issues?

12-Jul-12 07:03 PM

Wes    Said...

Smart move. Kronos uses standard technology components. As prices fall or capacities increase, they should update the product. More RAM, more SSD storage, new USB ethernet driver, new OS v2. All makes sense to me. Just wait till the touch screens get cheaper and bigger....

12-Jul-12 09:39 PM

synthman    Said...

Have you been living in a hole? Keybed issues were sorted ages ago. This BEAST is head and shoulders above everything else, no question about that!

13-Jul-12 06:16 AM

mattsynth    Said...

Some people love to have the latest, greatest synth, well I have been using synths from the 80's & 90's and they sound great even today. Unlike software synths they work today as they did back then without any upgrades in software or OS. This is the joy of hardware synths. It is not how mush power a synth has but how you use it. If anyone would like to sell there Kronos give me a call. I would love to own one.

13-Jul-12 07:49 AM

Dave    Said...

My Kronos 73 is 4 months old...I do indeed hope there's a reasonable upgrade path. RAM and SSD's are phiysicsl. Hopefully easy to upgrade....

15-Jul-12 06:30 PM


Uh-huh. Yeah, sure. I'm going to sink $3199 into an obsolete, heavy, non-upgradeable, metal-and-plastic piece of hardware. It is going to depreciate the second that I open the shrinkwrap around the box. It will never appreciate in price, because Korg will be manufacturing at least 50,000 of these, making it impossible to ever come close to getting my money back for having purchased it.

Oh, yeah. That is EXACTLY what I'm gonna do. Why would I want to buy a computer and outfit it with a gaggle of music software programs...?

Oh -- THAT's right -- because I CAN upgrade the computer -- and because depreciation of software is unquantifiable, since software has a depreciation value of 100% on-purchase. So there-ya-go.

Enjoy buying your awesome hugely unfortunate big black hoax. Korg -- why not just get into the software business like all other GOOD synth companies? Your days are numbered.

19-Jul-12 08:17 AM

Moose    Said...

KORG need to have an upgrade path for current owners... I sell keys for a living & i know many KORG customers who are going to be furious!!


21-Jul-12 01:50 PM

Peter K.    Said...

The new OS lets you upgrade. The only differences between the two are the RAM comes fully expanded now, and a larger SSD - which you can upgrade if you like, but now OS 2.0 supports a 2nd SSD anyway. And the new models have the new EXs libraries installed in demo mode. So current Kronos owners CAN upgrade. Max out the RAM, upgrade the SSD, done.

The Kronos is indeed a beast. I own two. I don't know why anyone would go with another workstation right now. You get so much more with a Kronos it's not even funny.

09-Aug-12 01:42 AM

Arne Barnard    Said...

Kronos didn't come out in "Early 2011"-not unless you consider LATE "early".....

29-Sep-12 02:12 AM

Kronos Newbe    Said...

Im a Korg Kronos owner....and bothered me to see the "X" version released a month after i bought mine....but i get it....but what I think is funny is the fact that soo many keyboard players are on this blog complaining about "getting their money back apon resale" ...?....I have have been buying electronics since 1970....and nothing has ever changed....expect 20 to 50 cents on the dollar.....

19-Oct-12 04:01 PM

JC    Said...

Its the way to go and keep improving the system. Hey guys save some money each year and get ready to upgrade your system. Sell the old one and bump up to the new one. Glad to see a company that is keeping up with the tech world. Its getting better all the time and fun to see new thing come out features etc. Maybe a larger ribbon strip will be next too.Maybe a tiltup screen too. Who knows. Im going to keep upgrading.

30-Nov-12 07:27 PM

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