Freedom To Roam With Your Plug-Ins

Plugin Alliance adds USB flash drive activation to licensing system      18/07/12
Freedom To Roam With Your Plug-Ins

Pro audio plug-in company Plugin Alliance LLC has added what they say is a flexible and convenient USB flash drive activation to its licensing system as of July 13. Here's all the details in their own words...
Aside from its growing family of unsurpassed effects plug-ins -- meticulously modelling high-end hardware from the likes of Brainworx, Mäag Audio, SPL, and Vertigo Sound, Plugin Alliance has always prided itself on its easy-to-use licensing system (using a single file to manage all licenses for activation on up to three computers)... clicking Activate when launching a new plug-in for the first time downloads a new license file to the computer in question from the Plugin Alliance server. Couldn't be simpler, surely?
Simpler, no; more flexible, maybe. Now the Plugin Alliance activation system is even more flexible, offering users complete freedom to roam by transferring their licenses and plug-in installers to a single standard USB flash drive requiring only one USB port -- unlike most other proprietary USB-based licensing systems.
A USB flash drive can be used to run Plugin Alliance plug-ins on other computers without having to activate those specific machines beforehand; plug-ins can be quickly copied onto different computers (or Avid's VENUE live sound production systems) on a temporary basis before being deleted with no need to deactivate the computer (and/or console) afterwards, making it a perfect solution for touring FOH engineers or recording engineers who regularly work in different studios.
What's more, Plugin Alliance has rigorously tested its new 'roaming' license system with Waves' License Center-based equivalent while Waves did likewise; both companies are happy to report that users can use the same USB flash drive for their Plugin Alliance and Waves plug-ins and license files without interfering with each other. Simply perfect.
Imagine the convenience of being able to take your complete Plugin Alliance plug-in collection wherever you like, whenever you like, all on one single standard USB flash drive. Well, there's no need to imagine anymore.
Wherever you may roam... plug in to your new Plugin Alliance production or recording home!
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RP    Said...

I love when manufacturers require yet another valuable USB port on an already over-subscribed musicians machine and then tell you how it's such a great feature.

18-Jul-12 03:26 PM

Cerebral Infect    Said...

nah, they should start use the Iphone or Ipad as a dongle with the i-ding-ga-la-dong-ding-dongle app

18-Jul-12 07:32 PM

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